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Im a 3ic now :D (whoop!)

I’m writing my intro post at 1:00 in the morning gahd,and I finished it at 1:52,    what am I doing with my life… 😮

I decided to write  this post as like an introduction to say hi and to give my incredibly short story. The earliest I found myself in a screenshot was on a post titled “War preparation results” posted by agent 223 on Febuary 13th, you’ll be able to find my stupid reference comment I left there a few days ago in prep for this.

It was not long after that I became a mod on a post that Fluffy made on Febuary 27th. I put on the post that I had been playing Cub Penguin since the P.S.A was in the sports shops, which is true. I didn’t mention though that I stopped playing when they introduced the Orange puffle (sorry I guess :p).

So what is my username based off? Basically it’s a nickname I was given in primary school and I’ve been using it for account names ever since. It’s also the name of the world’s best biscuit the “Jammy Dodger” (Google it).

You spelt Jammy Dodger wrong! Yes, believe it or not, when I was in primary school I couldn’t spell ( also Jammy Dodger was taken :l ).

How did you become a mod and an owner so fast? I basically got noticed by Stone and Dan. Since joining the Nachos ive attended 99% of the UK events (I’m English btw) and it seems luck was on my side :).

I’ve run out of thing’s to talk about to talk so… thanks for reading and I hope this post wasn’t too cringey.



12 Responses

  1. 3cringey5me

  2. I might do a face reveal in the future sometime maybe January 1st idk

  3. Congo!!!good to have another leader!!

  4. Good Juan. Oh Yeah

  5. Jammi – Becomes leader with luck
    Epickitty271 – Is lucky too be a mod
    No disrespect, really happy for you!!

    • what I meant was It was luck that there was a chance for me made me a mod gahd I suck at explaining stuff
      but thanks kitty I appreciate it 🙂

  6. Congratulations 😀

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