Iceberg Tipping on Ice Berg

Hola Nachos!

So today our UK Division logged on Ice Berg as an attempt to tip the fedora  Iceberg. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to tip it, but we were able to max 25+ and average 20. Be sure to comment if you came. Or if I suck at posting. Either one works.

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All the haters are gonna say “Nachos need to get their asses off of 5 bars. They’re only big because of their rogues.” We gonna log onto 5 bars if we want, biatch.


Fluffy 9404

Nacho Army 2ic



5 Responses

  1. I was there 🙂

  2. I came to it! Mining expeditions usually are very good.

  3. Made it for the last 5 minutes. Btw this was the first 5 bar we logged on to this week.

  4. I was there and omg the one person that said “neck yourself”
    how does that work
    do you just, give yourself a neck?

  5. Nice to see some of my pics being used. Neck yourself was an insult directed at me. What would death by neck look like?

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