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New Series – CP Cheats #1

#2 [Usernames] →

Hola Nachos!

As summer is upon us, we have been trying to find ways to stimulate interest for the troops and make the army more fun in general. Dan suggested we try out a CP cheats/secrets series, and I think it’s a good idea so this will be the first one. We’ve realised making the site more interesting is probably one of the things we should do. Camper does a weekly poll on Saturdays or Sundays but other than that it’s pretty much “today we logged on to fjord for training read on for pictures” everyday. This isn’t something only I can do, I encourage any of the owners/leaders to make posts.

So without further delay, my first topic will be… HIDING SPOTS. [There is also a Xat contest at the bottom of the post]. 


On CP, there are many areas in which your penguin can be totally invisible. Your name and your penguin will not be seen by anyone. It may be useful to know these places because
1) You can spy on anyone in the room
2) You can spy on another army’s battle/event
3) You’re generally at an advantage when you have the element of surprise
4) Idk if anyone plays hide and seek on CP, but you’ll now be able win.

The following are some of my favourite hiding spots (non-party rooms). For each one I will show a picture of myself in the hiding spot doing an emote so you can see it. Also you can click the pictures to enlarge them.

Let’s begin with one of the most well known rooms to hide in: the Forest. It actually has 3 spots, all down by the trees. Here are the first two, I’ll come back to the third.

Following the path, we get to the Mine Shack, where you just have to position yourself beneath the gate.

Next take a look at the Ice Rink!

Maybe you want to see what’s going on in the Town…

Why don’t we check out the Ski Lodge!

And Lodge Attic. 😮

The Night Club has 2 spots.

nch1.png nch2.png

Now I’ll move to the Cove. I had O Wise One help me out with this one, as another penguin needs to throw a snowball at you for you to disappear behind the rocks.

Similarly, we have the Pet Shop. I threw a snowball at O Wise One so he would disappear behind the puffle bed before I walked behind the puffle house.

If you travel underground, the Mine has 2 spots as well.

This next one is probably not well known – the Fire Dojo!

Now lets move on to rooms with 3 or even 4 hiding spots! First up, the Pizza Parlour.

Next we have the Puffle Wild.

And behind the clothes racks in the Clothes Shop!

Now let’s move on to places where you can wear a costume that will help you blend in really well. First up, returning to the Forest, and wearing the Tree Costume!

Now onto the Box Dimension, wearing the Box Costume, and doing the special dance which let’s you hide in the box.

And finally the last one, in the Everyday Phoning Facility. This one is the contest. First comment to point out where I am hiding will win 50 Xats (if registered on Xat). I am not that yellow penguin btw.

And there you have it, over 20 hiding spots on CP. Let me know which ones you like best and if I missed any spots! Hope you enjoyed the post.

Be sure to attend the weekend events!

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

19 Responses

  1. You’re the blue recycling bin on the bottom left, sitting on the couch.

  2. I got it
    Ur that blue bin at the bottom left corner
    I hope I gotcha stone 😀
    That was nice one and i also like the box dimension

  3. You are the recycling bin in the bottom left

  4. I am quite the pro hide and seeker so this post helps alot thanks. You are the recycling box in the Everyday Phoning Facility. We could maybe bring back troop interview. Would be a good way to interact and get troops more ivolved. Like i said i while troop of the month could be a good idea.

  5. http://prntscr.com/bhvg1y Oh snap you’ve been found. Xat name is Centaurian101. (come on chat with me online, Centaur17, and I will get my Xats if I have won.)

  6. This is quite useful. You’re hiding in the bottom left as a recycling bin.

  7. He he!u are recycling bin!nice costume! Loved all the cheats!!thxx a lot!

  8. Instead of NOTM(Nacho Of The Month) do NOTW(Nacho Of The Week)

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