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Severing ties with the Army Republic

On behalf of the Nacho Army and the Nacho leadership, I sorrowfully am making this post to address the following issues:

The Army Republic was what I saw as a brother. We saw combat together, our soldiers shared foxholes, we saw death, and we suffered together. We both triumphed as victors, and we both had our own setbacks. We stood together flying through the turbulence of adversity whilst fighting for a respective noble cause. Until these past dreadful hours, We were great allies. That is now over.

The Army Republic leader, Wheelo engaged in a fight with the Nacho leader Dan101. It’s not clear who started the fight, but it was clear that there was prior tension.

Where do you think AR’s original recruiting script came from?

Us. We gave it to Vinny and Buritodaily who then brought it to AR. They used it alongside promising us the safe guards of such a valuable tool. This tradition continued until about 3 months ago. AR got a new recruiting script from the Night Warriors. Out of debt to us, we believed we should get the script as we gave AR our script. AR initially refused, but the at-the-time leader, Ace gave it to us to preserve our sacred friendship.

Wheelo claims that AR is the reason we have a recruiting script which is entirely false for classified reasons I will not go into further detail about.

We also supported AR in every conflict they pursued, and they mutually supported us. We both had each others backs.

Wheelo attacked us that they are the reasons we won March Madness. 5 Army Republic soldiers helped us out at the maximum, and I do commend them for their support. Claiming they are the sole reason we won the battle, is way out of line.

Wheelo doesn’t need us anymore.

Excuse my potty mouth, there’s evident frustration.

Yeah I’m sure Burr and A will be fond to here that you destroyed a partnership that’s been around for nearly a year.

To Ace, Fury, 123344a, Buritodaily, Vinny, Flame and Sliper. I’m sorry this had to come to an end. You guys were excellent allies to us and I’m proud to have served alongside each and every one of you. Clearly the current leader, Wheelo doesn’t appreciate the sacred partnership we developed.

To AR: If you threaten us or touch a smidgen of Nacho land, you will not be shown mercy. You’ll be given one opportunity at an apology and that’s it. Our partnership is now over. We wish you long and happy lives in peace. Thank you for all you did for us, and have a nice day. Thank you for your attempt at giving us a script and thank you Wheelo for giving me the definition of a fucking dick clown.

To the Water Vikings. I hope this doesn’t affect the Nacho-WV partnership in anyway. This was not meant to involve you.


it aint easy bein cheezy

10 Responses

  1. within one post I’ve gone from liking A.R to hating them oh boyy…

    • No, don’t hate AR. All the soldiers that have been in AR except Wheelo and some other dicks were excellent. Don’t let a handful of people damage your belief for such an army.

  2. I want to wish you guys the best of luck

    It really sucks that one person took it upon themselves and destroyed undoubtedly the closest relationship AR or the Nachos have ever had.

    Good luck to all of you, It was a pleasure fighting along side of you.

    P.S We were NOT the reason why you won the March Madness Tournament. That was 100% all you.

  3. That is just one argument. Nachos and AR need to just think more about each other’s points of view and not hate each other because of being angry. I don’t want us to suddenly hate AR just because of this. Nachos and AR should talk to each other when they are calm and then decide whether we should stay allies or not.

  4. May there come a time in hopefully a near future when we will unite once more.

    It was great fighting alongside you since 2013.

  5. This seems like a knee-jerk decision


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