Diplomats and Nacho Foreign Relations.

This post is indented for Owners, leaders and Nacho Veterans but I’m happy with really anyone reading it.

Instead of sleeping at a reasonable time I came up with this at 3:00 am.

I was thinking about what we should do now we have left Army Republic, about what we should do when we join our next inevitable brother ally, whoever they may be. So I came up a plan as many owners/ leaders have been rather panicked private posts.

This is what Google defines as a diplomat:diplomat

So that got me thinking what if we try to strengthen the bond with our next brother ally while looking out for the interest of our army as well as that of our brothers.

I propose this: A Nacho who is rising in the ranks ie for example a high-ranking mod or a low ranking Owner, and the same from the brother ally attends 1 or 2 of the other armies sessions per month to learn new techniques, methods, formations and ideas to bring back to their army.

I came up with this also as i believe the army which is hosting the  diplomat has no right to give punishment to the diplomat with referring to the brother allies leaders as they diplomat has Diplomatic Immunity

Diplomatic Immunity:




One Response

  1. Interesting, usually we just help at each others events from time to time.

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