oi. ausia evand brotharz. acp beep beepd me evand day sed und i wantd raid dam wi maxd 69 aka 5. continu riding 4 moar picturz bbies. gewd effourt peepz.



9 Responses

  1. Yaaay 1st ausia event

  2. oi good evnt nachos

  3. We were like 4-5 penguins… xD

  4. Uh…when was this?

    • Yesterday, during ACP’S event.

      • Oh…was it foretold??srry lego if I had known There was a event I would have come but I did not see.

        • It was an unscheduled event. So, if you want to attend these unscheduled events, be as much as possible on chat, even when no one is on ( I am mostly online).

  5. jew UHWUHpgugpJWIGWuhh

    • I hate you too. 🙂

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