Clash of the Unforgiven [RESULTS]

Hola Nachos!

Today the Nachos attended CPAC’s Clash of the Unforgiven. Tactics were very good and our size was decent.  We fought in several rooms including the beach, dock, stadium, and cove.  The battle lasted a brutal 45 minutes. Unfortunately, there was a lot of confusion during the battle and no winner was clearly determined.

11 Responses

  1. i was there
    gg to all who came

  2. I came to it! Even though it was confusing so people didn’t know what to do and went quite wrong, it was still fun.

  3. good job guys :p you did well and yes im still on holiday..

    • so yh i physically can’t or have time too acess the chat box or cp..
      Im missing you all…

      all expect you lego you faget XP

  4. i was a bit late

  5. I managed to come for first 10-15mins but then I had to was fun!

  6. I tried to come…… but my computer crashed all through it. when I finally got to nacho chat (for more than 10 seconds), the event was over.

  7. i was there

  8. I only went for about half of the event
    – Lop2009

  9. I couldn’t make it, had to go to eye appointment :/

  10. I was there it was fun I am in 2 or 3 pictures

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