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CP Cheats #3 [Card-Jitsu Shadow]

← #2 [Usernames]                                                              #4 [Invisible Username] →

*I’d like to remind owners they can help out with the series and make their own posts.*

Hola Nachos!

Today’s topic is about Card-Jitsu Shadow, one of the most talked about Club Penguin rumours that sadly never became a reality.

CJ Shadow.jpg


For apparently 5 years now, Card-Jitsu Shadow has been rumoured to be the 4th element that would come to Club Penguin. Lots of information has surfaced over the years claiming Shadow would one day make its debut. The most substantial evidence, I believe, is that Club Penguin already added the Shadow Ninja items to their SWF Files: The Helmet of Shadows, Midnight Mask, Nightfall Coat, and Shade Sandals. These items exist, even though they are not available in CP yet. There was a way to hack the items with WPE PRO but it’s since been patched.

CJ shadow items.jpg

Let’s look at some other clues that hint at the possibility of Card-Jitsu Shadow.

First up is the Ninja Amulet, the item every player gets when they first visit the Dojo:


When you become a Fire, Water, or Snow Ninja, the corresponding gem will be added to the amulet. A bit less noticeable though, is the small black gem in the centre of the Amulet. This is perhaps one of the clues of the Shadow element.

Next up is a special Card-Jitsu Fire card, called the Shadow Ninja Power Card:


If you’re a member and buy a ton of power cards, eventually you might obtain this card. The Shadow Ninja shown here is wearing the items from above.

The last clue I have for you to see can be achieved by anyone, and is the most interesting because it involves the 3 elements of Fire, Water, and Snow.

Most people are aware that Fire Ninjas can cause meteors to shower from the sky, Water Ninjas can make it rain, and Snow Ninjas can make it Snow by performing the special dance at the same time. What’s less known is that an even balance of the 3 types of Ninjas will create a shadowy purple sky, with clouds of each element passing by.

Back in January I took a short video of when I successfully managed to do this. Watch the sky in video. When 3 of each Ninja were performing the special dance at the same time, the purple shadow sky would emerge. This was actually difficult to do since it’s hard to get rogues to cooperate with anything. It took maybe 10 minutes to finally get about 45 seconds of an even balance.


So I guess the question is, why is it taking them so long to make the game? I heard that Club Penguin wants to make the other Card-Jitsu games available on the mobile version before they introduce shadow. Personally I don’t think they’re ever going to release Shadow, or if they do it will be after Project Super Secret, and therefore only on a mobile platform.

Well that’s it for this post, thanks for reading! Comment what you think or suggest a topic for next time!

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

5 Responses

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  2. Yesterday in Megg Monday Megg said “no shadow”. http://prntscr.com/butts4

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