CP Cheats #2 [Usernames]

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Hola Nachos!

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the CP Cheats/Secrets picture guide series. This post will contain some cool, funny, and rare penguin names I have seen over the past year or so. Let’s get right to it!


First up will be the rare, 4 letter names. Let’s start with something familiar to us:

Get the idea?

Now let’s look at some humourous/clever names:

Now let’s try some Nacho related names!

And army related names:

And now names related to Club Penguin itself:

Here are some more names that will make you realize you could have chosen a better username for your penguin.

And finally, random objects!

Well, that’s it for this post! Comment which names you like the best!

I know it’s not really a “cheats” type of post, but I had a ton of these pictures saved, and couldn’t think of anything else. Suggest something for the next CP Cheats post in the comments!!

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

4 Responses

  1. I liked the name ‘Circle’ because I like circles.

  2. i like the chip and salsa username its funny

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