Recruiting/Mining/Grinding on Blizzard


Hey, Nachos!

As an army, we logged onto the server Blizzard for a mining and recruiting expedition. We went to the Ice Berg where we hopefully attracted many young penguins to our cause and our army. We attempted to tip the berg, and we later opted to slice the berg in half with a line across. We even made a plus formation at one point. The rogues were very responsive to our formations, and I hope we got them to join our awesome army.  We maxed out at about 30 soldiers in total. I’d credit 20 of those soldiers to us, and 10 to the rogues. I’ll try and put the video that our newest addition to the mod ranks, Cookky, recorded.

❗ Pictures ❗


Nice job today guys. I mean it was a good recruiting event aside from the fact only four of our owners functioned like normal human beings today.



5 Responses

  1. I came to it!

  2. I came to the event.

  3. Made it 😀

  4. Came for the start as it was a Friday night!

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