Regarding Inapp Activity on Chat

Greetings Soldiers,

Before I begin I am in complete understanding that the Nachos have always been known as the chill army, but there has to be a line somewhere. Recently the chat has gotten out of control with mass cursing and content that shouldn’t be discussed no matter what. You guys complain about the army not rising, but how are we supposed to rise if you guys are scaring off recruits? If excessive cursing is shown, along with inappropriate content, you will be kicked or banned for the good of the army.


Nachos Leader

9 Responses

  1. Execute Order… 66

  2. There should be a separate chat for those things so that people can still talk about them but they won’t scare off recruits.

    • dont we have a stale nachos section on the chatbox for exactly that… but we dont use it


  4. Yes! When i come on chat..there’s barely anyone….only Lego….

  5. The chat being inappropriate has never had anything to do with how well this army is doing, I don’t see why people see the need to constantly cleanse the chat. It doesn’t make any difference to the size you get on Club Penguin

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