Gold all in mah chain

Hello, Nachos!

Today, we did exactly what I wanted us to do. We fought hard, we moved fast, everyone listened to the leaders, we victory spammed at the end, and we had a good battle. With a shitty room in the beginning, we were forced into the Puffle Hotel. We made a circle around the fountain and stayed there for about 10 mins out performing the Golds. We were then moved to the Snow Forts where our domination was clear. We made an upside down T formation with amazing tactics. We then proceeded to make a clocktower line and we did a few bombs that proved useful. Overall, this was a great event. We surpassed what we did last year. We’ve made it to the semi finals, where we will most likely face the Water Vikings. I’ll make a post about that later. I don’t know what we maxed, but I’d say it was somewhere around 25+. We had a lot of people on chat. Here are the pictures.

Thank you to Fluffy, Agent, Datdudedp, and Poseidon for pictures!

Comment if you came (It helps with promotions)

We don’t march to the beat of the drums, we hear maracas!


6 Responses

  1. first mw ha ha ha ha


  3. i came
    gg to all who came 🙂

  4. I came in the middle…, because my computer crashed:/.

  5. I came! Amazing battle 😀 Let’s do it again at the semi-finals!

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