Although I was expecting this war, this may have caught you by suprise. Yes, you’re reading this right, but we’re going to war with the Rebel Penguin Federation for the fourth time. This shit gets old right? Well, I guess it’ll be us that face the challenge. First war of the summer and it’s August. I’m proud to say, we are one of the belligerents.

Problem though:

I’m going to be away for 5 days at a rowing camp. No contact, no computer, I won’t have jackshit to help lead you guys through this. I entrust Stone and Camper with this army. There’s a saying…..”I’d go to war with them..”

Well, I actually mean it. “I’D GO TO WAR WITH THEM…..”

One thing you should know about the Nachos…Is that we don’t go down easily. You guys have all fought before. You guys are all intelligent human beings. Use the SS against an Ausia if necessary. Do not be afraid of RPF. They’re 100% beatable. We beat them at Matterhorn, and we’ve beaten them in 3 other wars. You guys can do this. Any army is beatable these days. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The second you guys give up, it’s over. The second you guys say, “we can’t do this”, it’s over. Believe me, I’ve been here before. It’s not easy. You guys are going to fight through and win this.





movie star wars yoda

B R I N G  I T  T H E  F U C K  O N

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