Nachos win 4 in a row, RPF in denial

This post is intended to be temporary until the full results post is released by Stone – with pictures, a report etc.

The Nachos will be claiming victory for the;

  • Invasion of Matterhorn
  • Invasion of Deep Snow
  • Defence of Sasquatch
  • Invasion of Outback

While RPF possessed a very slight size advantage for some parts of the battles their tactics were abysmal. We completely obliterated the RPF on that front – they were incapable of moving and couldn’t even get their troops to consistently perform tactics, which will be demonstrated from our pictures of the events.

RPF, please, for once admit defeat. We completely trounced you today.

Of course they probably won’t because their leaders are in complete denial. After all, their leader ranks do possess some of the most delusional people in Club Penguin Armies.

But nice work today Nachos, once again we showed that we’re better than the RPF!

~Chrisi Blule

2 Responses

  1. We clearly won these battles. RPF only had a major size that was declining during the battles while we were so faster and better at the tactics. RPF was such slow.

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