Midnight Foreplay [RPF’s got a small one][Blizzard Battle ay]

Maxed like 6. RPF had size advantage but we had far superior tactics. It seems RPF planned a bot conspiracy as well to attack the events. Pics will be below. Invading armies must follow the defending armies. And they failed to follow except 1 troop in some situations. Blizzard is also a 5 strength level server so we shall be keeping it unless told otherwise by cpa. RPF was on equal footing because of our superior tactics compared to their non existent tactician skill. If RPF attempt to claim they won we’ll just invade it like damn breggle get a dik yo

RPF also logged off first, their retreat assuring our victory

dang breggle fuk niggers am i right

nachos win boi





2a4c84fdc2834ec0853db4fa05f48603 5b117808ec2541d9912dabcd9a2f0918 fb3e56f540fa4cd48adc4ae6498d1dea 4a3ccefbc47c47048c1259e4193f2c87 977e9087164646f2864575113218c6c9 cadae743b30f4bffb88b5923a3efe2f8

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  1. I came to it!

  2. wtf

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