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State of the Salsa Address || WORLD WAR BEGINS

Edit: The Doritos have betrayed the alliance and now ally themselves with RPF. This causes no trouble though, as DCP were the weakest in the group to begin with. We will not falter, you will be defeated RPF. Long Live Nachonnia


All Hail Our Glorious Empire of Nachonnia!




Sunday August 7th - Provisional Government of Fiesta

The on going struggle to defeat the dastardly RPF Empire rages on! But our struggle has not been in vain my fellow Nachos, no! We have backed RPF into a corner in which they cannot get out of.
They have effectively attempted to release their own attack dogs, Lime Green Army, in an attempt to falter our conquest of their Empire but this is nothing be the futile attempt to save themselves from the inevitable!

The pathetic and weak LGA were quickly defeated and have merged into the RPF. This is the biggest mistake they have made!

Since the RPF released their allies, we have effectively released our own!


World Wide Conflict Has Begun


1:00PM Penguin Standard Time – Imperial Stronghold of Shiver

All those who have agreed that the demise of the RPF is in the communities best interest have deployed their forces to the battlefront. More may even join the cause in the future.



Smart Penguins Declaration of War


Water Vikings Declaration of War



Doritos Declaration of War


They’ve certainly provided good laughs and many pathetic displays of their struggle to defeat the grand Nachonnian Empire. One day even attempting to use bot raids to cancel all of our Invasions of them. It is still unknown as to whether these bot raids were the work of another or of RPF, but it certianly seemed like they attempted to use them to not even engage in battle with us. The fear is great in them.

One screenshot is missing but they used the excuse that because of the bots raiding the event we could not have a fair battle that can be truly won. Seems reasonable. But wait-

21451d746331481cb1961cc355e0d367 585e06c7292a439e966fa9127de80b63

Apparently they negotiated with the bot raider and he’s going to stop now. Right before RPF’s Invasion of Fjord too…. wait What? WHAT? LMFAO

Badboy legit said this bs to me. You cant make this kind’ve idiocy up. The bot raider ever so conveniently decieded to stop raiding right when Nacho Invasions of RPF ended.


RPF is pulling a Hillary Clinton

Then even when the bots did show up to the Invasion of Fjord, they attempted to make things up saying theres not too many bots and the battle can go on. This is how desperate they are. They cant even fight us and take our Invasions. That is how pathetic and weak the RPF are compared to the Nacho Empire.


My Nachos, it is clear who is in the deeper hole at this moment in time. The RPF continue to boast of their strength, even when 4 major armies are kicking down their doorstep. Their ignorance and foolishness exceed no others in this community. Let that be the only thing they may be applauded for.

Congratulations RPF! Nacho Victory ❤

3cWiysp - Imgur

Camperus Johnicus – Nacho Emperor

All Hail Nachonnia!




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  3. Go NACHOS!!

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