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The hunt for RPF Multilogs

Hola Nachos! Last night at the events, I saw some suspiciously inactive and new to CP penguins, so I made a mini investigation on the whole force. Let’s see what we got.



This penguin only wears the red cap which you get when doing the tasks on the map, and the Fire Dojo shoes. It has only 4 stamps and 1 pin, the newest one. At the snow forts, Saphirablaez got hit by a snowball and was like that for a couple of minutes; they didn’t even notice they got hit. Their stamps are from Dojo only. Oh and, no one claims to be Saphirablaez on RPF chat.



Zest’s Uniform consists of 1 piece of clothing only, the RPF body item. The penguin was very inactive on CP, and didn’t try to close the gaps created, nor moved a lot. It was only active during the tactics. Zest has 3 stamps, without even 1 pin. He didn’t do the tactics many times, and was not in formation a lot. No one claims to be Zest1234 on RPF Chat.



First of all, this is a non-activated penguin. It has a backround that is free,5 stamps, 0 pins and wasn’t active enough on CP. No one claims to be them on RPF Chat.


Elmikey is warning the penguins at the bottom because they are inactive. 2 of the suspects for multilogging; they are out of the line also.

A video of the battle, while I check on every RPF penguin online.

Funny RPF Chat Moments(This part will be at the bottom of every post I make)

Don’t worry, I didn’t cut the pic so only 3 shows; it’s the outline of the recording frame. Here is proof: http://prntscr.com/c400sh .


Legofan Cy~Nachos General

6 Responses

  1. Zest is larden, SN leader you moron

  2. bad stfu u multilog so were not surprised if it was urs

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