We’ve walked into a slaughter – Elmikey

This is my first official statement regarding today’s battles. Three of our four battles today were well fought by the Nacho Army, however we’re fighting RPF on two fronts right now. We’re fighting them directly by actually engaging in combat with their soldiers, and we’re fighting against them with the media they control. They control the distribution of land and even if armies are created or not. It appeared RPF might be taking an edge today, but we nearly turned the battle around at Mittens today, and beat them at the next two. Tonight, at Fiesta, we truly showed RPF we are not going down. RPF had about 10 soldiers online and we had 25. We defended our safe chat server. Other armies have also joined the war effort now.

RPF has helped us with a lot of shit. They helped us realize what we’re capable of and they helped us realize who our real friends are. The Army Republic never left our side. We had some problems with them earlier this summer, but look who’s ready to back us up when we’re in need. Yeah that’s right, fuck you WV. Fuck you SP. Fuck you DCP. Fuck all of you shit heads who completely left us in the dust. We don’t need you fucking faggots. Now, there’s a lot cool people in WV (One of the Jacks, Chip, Funks, etc.), but to the leaders who wussed out, fuck you. We made some RPF troops quit I guess.

As the admiral of Japan said after bombing Pearl Harbor, you’ve awoken a sleeping giant.

We maxed 25+. Pics:


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