Boi this dumbness tho

Aight, Shiny posted on RPF about my post  “Hunting Multilogs”. Yea, I said maybe, possibly; not “YES THOSE ARE MULTILOGS CONFIRMED!”.

Also, Robot edited the post and added this:

Ya, I have been a Nacho 2ic for 12 months and 11 days now, without quitting once. I joined my first army, the Nachos in October 2014, and I am here ever since. I am the Nacho that has been the longest in the army till now you dummy. Be sure before you speak. Oh and, I don’t really know why Kevin rejoined, but he joined a few weeks ago, when Camper was corrupt..noob.


Funny Picutres


Legofan Cy~Nachos General

2 Responses

  1. You joined the Nachos in 1014? That was over 1000 years ago…

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