Camper Edit: As of right now, the entire site has been restored other then a few small graphical details. Nothing important was lost and everything is back to normal. Viva Los Nachos!

Hello, this is Person1233. For those of you that don’t know, I joined the Nachos in 2008 and was the leader in 2009. Kevin’s account was compromised this morning, which allowed for someone to add themselves to the site, delete our theme and pages, and post porn. Let’s all publicly shame this individual:


If anyone has any information about this incident, notify Nacho leadership. Puckley will assist in the transition of the leadership back to the website as well as the restoration of the theme and pages. I’ve been out of the loop so I don’t trust myself to add people back on my own. I’m just glad I was able to act and remove the hacker before our posts were lost.

The Nachos are and have always been a resilient army. Pride yourselves in your ability to come back from this setback and know you’ll always have a safety net in me.



5 Responses

  1. Nachos forever!

  2. This is quite interesting.


  4. Person1233, are you still around? This is your old soldier from many many years ago, Xgthrecgtejm, and I really need to ask you something important; I need your help with something. If you are reading this, and if you have the time, do you think you could try contacting me at Thanks! 🙂

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