Re-acquiring land

Hey, Nachos.

This is my first post since the deface, and it’s on a new account unfortunately. It looks like I probly won’t be getting it back. Anyway, since the war is over, we’re making a server trade with the Army Republic to get the land we want set in order. We re-acquired Big Snow, Caribou and Klondike. 3/3 leaders agreed in the Nachos, and AR has no leadership-majority agreement laws. Sairal and retired legends agreed, so we’re good to go. Here’s the picture:

So there you have it, we have most of our former nation back. We’re probly not going to expand much more. If there’s one thing I learned from this war, don’t be greedy. Had I not pursued Matterhorn, we would have our whole nation…but RPF wouldn’t be serverless. Remember, controlling a small empire isn’t a bad thing. Person1233 controlled a grand total of 3 servers when he led and look how big the Nachos were. The Swiss have never been conquered and look how small they are. We might even shrink our nation in the future, but for now we’ll keep it the way it is.

~We don’t march to the beat of the drums, we hear maracas!~


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  1. Wait a second, the war has ended? Who won?

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