Weekly Poll #8 – Return

Hola Nachos! ­čśÇ

During the RPF war there was a lack of Weekly Polls, so I think now is a good time for a new one! Look to the left sidebar of the website to find the new poll and to vote there! The results of the last poll are below on this post.

This Weeks Poll: When does your Summer Break end? ­čśŽ


What is your favorite type of Film[Movie]?

Winner: Comedy

Total Votes – 203

Comedy – 72┬ávotes[35.47%]

Action – 30┬ávotes[14.78%]

Animated┬á– 28┬ávotes[13.79%]

Horror – 24┬ávotes[11.82%]

Other –┬á22 votes[10.84%] (Fantasy/Adventure, Villian is Hero, Frozen, Kill Yourself, Horror/Comedy, Autobiograhpy, Romance, Your Mom, hentai, alex10198)

Romance – 12┬ávotes[5.91%]

Thriller – 8┬ávotes[3.94%]

Sci-Fi – 7┬ávotes[3.45%]


Hah ­čśÇ

Spread the word to keep voting every week!

One Response

  1. It ends in the start of September but there isn’t that choice.

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