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Dear Role Playing Faggots

(((This post contains no trigger warning because trigger warnings are for pussies. RPF put one on theirs because that’s exactly what they are)))


You guys think you’re so sly deleting the post (or at least that was the rumor that you did after we got word of it) but there are no breaks on the Pony Train. You want a shitpost war, well you’ve got one baby ♥

Hola Nachos, RPF, and specifically our good old buddy old pal Jason17125 who for whatever reason thinks it isn’t a good idea to join the wonderful nachos. Lemme tell you something Jason, the Nachos will be more fun then your little army of 12 year olds will ever be because unlike you guys, we have a sense of humor and know what a sarcastic joke looks like!

Which brings me to exhibit A: The Triggering over Centaur. Let us begin, shall we?

Recepts part 2.png

Ok, I already mentioned your lack of humor, but considering you took him seriously here is a whole new level of missing the joke. If there’s anything I’ve learned from CP armies, is that unless someone’s a noob (or Rook) this shit is in no way serious. At all. Pretty sure RPF troops have said stuff about the nachos too but it’s only bad if one of our troops does it right?? Also RPF educating soldiers? Need I remind you that earlier today one of you smart, allknowing, and wise leader instructed troops to use the word tactic “wow your slow?”


In case you all knowing beings didn’t understand what I’m talking about, when using the word “your” or “you’re,” “your” is possessive. The word your troops were looking for is “you’re” but I guess your tiny minds couldn’t comprehend basic 2nd grade grammar. You’d think your troops would be smarter since you’re educating them with your smarts.

Also can we talk about the fact your leader Elmikey does not attend any form of school at the moment? Guess he’d rather play a dying game for children and angst-filled preteens instead of going to college to get a higher education of his own.



Evil plot? All is fair in love and war baby ♥

Also if by bond you mean relationship with Musta and his entire army of sex toys Dorito Clones sure, call it a bond. Last time I checked robots couldn’t feel emotions though.


Again with the dodging of the sarcasm, I see. What a shame. Also what lies? Can you list them? Can you make a full list of “lies” that everyone on our chat can debunk and rip apart in a post just like this after you give us said list? Also here we go again with the grammar. You oh so educated RPF soldiers should know the proper way to write “why hasn’t all of our soldiers left yet?” is “why haven’t our soldiers left yet?” It actually hurt to type out your original sentence because good lord, you guys need to pay attention in English class. Also you should know by now that dark humor is a daily occurrence here in the wonderful Nacho Army. I feel like I’ve mentioned your inability to comprehend humor in nearly every paragraph in this post. Maybe you should educate your troops and yourselves on how to take a joke. Just some food for thought.


Oh boy, where do I start with this part of your post?

“They’re losing their soldiers pretty quickly.”

Lets begin by reminding you that Club Penguin is dying. Of course the nooblets are gonna run wild and take advantage of all the time left with their game and not have time for armies. What do you expect was gonna happen? Mass enlistment? Also, this might come as a shocker to you, but we also have these things called “lives.” You should try having one sometime, it can actually be pretty fun! But sometimes, life gets in the way of Club Penguin, which may not be fun for you since you guys seem to live off of it.

“They might threaten you, hurt your feelings…”


“…give you lies and false rumors…”

Again, can you list said lies and false rumors? I bet we could make a whole other post ripping them apart.

“…and act very harsh on you or others.”

Y’know, I was treated pretty poorly when I was a troop back in 2013. But I got something from it, and it’s that people aren’t always going to kiss your feet and be your best friend. Not online or in real life. I’ve grown the hell up since I’ve been here and a lot of the reasons I did mature were because of the things I learned from the more mature nacho crowd. Now that’s an education for you.

“There may not be other soldiers to interact with…”

who dis.png

Yea, there’s no one to interact with on the nacho army. Not even these people who were on the chat while this post was being written and were having a conversation while I typed this sentence. Nope, no way. Not at all. I guess no one on the ranks exists or ever visits the chat either even though we were all on Club Penguin to fight your sorry asses earlier.

“…we have so many reasons why you should join…”

Well uh,

◦ Your Leader lives at his mother’s house, is over 20 years old, and isn’t employed or in college.

◦You don’t understand sarcasm

◦You have to call Musta and his sex toys Dorito Bots to help you at nearly every event

◦You don’t give armies 24 hour notice between events

◦You are immature

◦You don’t even show up to defend your servers and then call them “void.”

◦You’re a bunch of Role Playing Faggots.

“If RPF was never in the army community, then Club Penguin Armies wouldn’t be that fun!”


Wow, I guess you guys can tell jokes after all! I got a laugh out of that one.

Also in regards to your poke at Dan101 saying “rip army”

Club Penguin dies in a month. We all go down in a month. Except for you guys who apparently want to continue being no life losers who play a reproduction of a Disney’s children’s game on the internet instead of moving on like the rest of us. You do you I guess, but we’ll be out there enjoying the real world if you ever need to find us!

And to wrap up this post:


What in the name of all that is holy is that monstrosity?

♥With love♥,

~Pony Eee / Till Wurner, Nachos Retired 2ic.


7 Responses

  1. Man y’all sure get salty when RPF call u out on ur shit, like srsly bagging on someone for using “your” vs you’re” lmao. U call urself mature. Pftt I laugh at that. A mature party wouldn’t react as childish as you did. CPA is here for everyone to enjoy, ending or not. Being the stick in the mud who gets triggered when things don’t go ur way doesnt help.

    • >”don’t join the nachos because they might hurt your feelings” >”wow the nachos are triggered” pick one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Getting triggered over Cent and screaming “DUN JOIN NOCHOZ” to the heavens because of him isn’t very mature but you guys did it anyway. Plus don’t start shit if you aren’t prepared to get it thrown right back at you.

  2. I just want to say: if we haven’t given 24 hour notice of the invasion of Aurora, then what was the need to even schedule a defense of it in the first place? To add on to that statement, you don’t seem to understand we scheduled the invasion of Aurora at least on 4 PM EST. If that’s not something you believe, then the scheduled defense of Aurora should help you as well.

    I don’t want to talk to you about maturity or of what the leader’s decisions – and honestly, I hope I don’t see I reply seeing that either. Also, talking about sarcasm – I hope you do realize we are not on the internet. Everyone can understand each other so easily in the internet and I’m so dumb to take such obvious chat messages literally even though I barely have any idea of how my tone should be when I restate it.

    by the way my english is prfect dont triger me cuz of singel mistaek

    Anyway, I want to add on one more thing: I am much more younger than you think at the moment. When I say that my army has educated, I want to say that it’s been abut me. Considering how everyone is diverse and brought together to share and find themselves a common goal, it inspired me to be curious and to desire to learn more. As exaggerated or strange as it may sound considering this is a Disney’s children’s game, it has happened to me whether you doubt it or not.

    I also want the army to go onward until its 10th anniversary by the way, then I honestly wouldn’t mind what happens afterward. That’s honestly what I’m rooting for, then we can all retire and remember of joyful times and such things like so.

  3. Oh, and talking about being educated, I’ve encountered soldiers that’s felt the same way.

  4. pony ur so cringy LOL.

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