Invasion of Iceland [RESULTS]

Hey Nachos! We had an amazing event today, we had 43 on chat, but sadly not everyone decided to come. Everyone needs to log and attend the events in future, but apart from that it was fantastic!

Max: 30 || Average: 28

Read on for more pictures and comment if you attended!

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Successful Cleansing of Blizzard! (Thursday)

Hey Nachos!

On Thursday, the US force logged on Blizzard to cleanse it from the Dark Bandits. The Cleanse was successful and no enemies were found.

I’m Moving On

Fluffy (That one owner that acts like a private :P): Even though I’ve only known you since January, you’ve become one of my best friends. I hope that you get on Nacho Chat every once in a while and I wish you good luck in the rest of your life. Thank you so much for rising us back up after our early-2015 chaos. I love you bro.

(not in a gay way)

[Show your support for Edd by attending his Farewell event TODAY at 8EST – Click HERE for Times/Full Post]

 Well, it’s been a long ass ride. But now, finally, has to come to an end here, today.

**Listen to these jams while reading bro-skis**

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