The Issue of Growing Old and Stuff

A post that paints the thoughts of Chrisi Blule on moving on from this community

Being old is boring, and I miss this community. I joined armies around 9 years ago, and I am willing to bet that some people who are a part of this community now were not even born back then. [Subtle brag?] When you reach this age, the likelihood is that you will have absolutely no motivation to be an active part of this community. Is this an issue? I would say that it is. It is very difficult to not develop an emotional attachment to Club Penguin Armies, and it is nigh on impossible to not develop an emotional attachment to an army as unique and special as the Nachos. You develop this attachment and this attachment remains long after you leave, even when you no longer have the motivation to help. This presents the dilemma of wanting to see your army do well, but also not wanting to play a real part in seeing this occur.

I lost my motivation for Club Penguin Armies,  not because I no longer liked them, or because I no longer felt the range of emotions, but because I became old. There comes a time where Club Penguin Armies can no longer form such a major part of your life as it once did. There are far too many other things you need to focus on, whether that is education, work, relationships or anything else. Everything becomes a much greater priority. Do not assume that is not the case even at a younger age, it is just that the older you get the greater part these play in your life. They push Club Penguin Armies to the side, and eventually you can no longer continue to play an active role in them.

Do not mistake this for veterans no longer caring. Trust me when I say that they still care. Club Penguin Armies have, more often than not, played a major role in the childhoods of veterans of the community. They have helped them make friends, learn skills and have fun. Armies have helped to shape the personalities and the mindsets of those that have participated in them. Speaking for myself, armies have shown me leadership skills, developed my writing, improved my confidence, made me a more patient, caring and perceptive person. Furthermore, they have helped me form friendships that still exist, even outside of armies. It is these factors that ensure that veterans will always have a place in their heart for this community. Veterans care just as much about this community as those still active in it do. This is why it is disheartening to see veterans criticised for expressing their views.

I’m not wholly sure where this post was ever going. In the most explicit terms, I am attempting to point out that armies offer a unique experience, one in which you will then begin to appreciate why veterans keep annoying you. The experience offered is one that stays with you. You need to take as much as you can from armies, use them as a platform to improve your skills. Take some risks, it is a safe environment to do that. Try some new ways of leading, or writing. Join a news organisation, lead your own army. Do everything you possibly can to create that emotional attachment to the community and it will help you greatly. If you do, you will come to realise why veterans are always giving their input, whether it is wanted or not, even though the last time they played an active role in the community was years ago. Because it is difficult to not care about this community. Veterans wish to see it thrive and they truly believe their advice or complaints play an active role in moving the community towards positive growth.

~Chrisi Blule

P.S Sorry if you just read that shambles of a post, but in it there’s a very important message.

P.P.S This was my first post in almost a year, wow.


8 Responses

  1. This post is very very true.

  2. Very true…..

  3. #14AND<3CPA

  4. this is some kind of winnie the pooh shit…
    in all seriousness though, this is painfully accurate

  5. this is so true, btw i was like bored 9 years ago

  6. […] I’d be considering writing this post for a long while now, but the thing that made me write it tonight was a post I happened to see on the RSS Feeds of CPA Central, the only way I really check an army’s site anymore. I periodically click on anything that has an interesting title, and when I saw that a post had been written on the Nachos site by Chrisi Blule, my interest was immediately peaked. I can say that as someone who has achieved much here based on words, and who has written many hundreds of posts and read thousands more, that this one did not disappoint. I have excerpted it below, but I encourage you to read the full version. […]

  7. I left cus i found it a bit like a job and not fun, and also cus i am really busy atm comparative. I couldn’t lead a division and nobody else was willing, so i just gave it back and i do miss you guys from time to time however do make it a thing to visit often c:

  8. […] The Nachos are a great way of relieving this boredom. As I explained in my last post, “The Issue of Growing Old and Stuff“, I still enjoy the Nachos. This army will always remain as a sort of internet family for […]

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