AUSIA Rebuild Week #1

Came from CP? Click HERE to join!

>>> Make sure to attend the UK/US events! Click HERE to view the UK/US event schedule! <<<

Hola Nachos! Summer has come, along with a two month break from school, something that means I am able to lead the AUSIA once again! I hope that we will have a strong AUSIA division by the end of  July, so make sure to attend as any as possible events, in order to rebuild your division!  


-Recruiting Session-

Date: Wednesday,  June 29th

Server: Blizzard || Room: Snow Forts

➡ Times:

2:00 AM PST(Pacific American)

3:00 AM MST(Mountain American)

4:00 AM CST(Central American)

5:00 AM EST(Eastern American)

 9:00 AM GMT

10:00 AM UK

 10:00 AM CET(Central European)

11:00 PM EET(Eastern European)

1:00 PM GST( Moscow, Georgia, Azerbaijan, UAE)

2:30 PM IST(Indian)

 6:00 PM JST(Japanese)

7:00 PM AEST(Australian Eastern)

Make sure to be on our chatbox at least 15 minutes earlier! (chatbox link is below)

To join the chat, click on your name! You have a green pawn and are on the top of the users list(Under “La Cantina”)! (The computer will give you a funny default name that you can change later).

Continue reading for more events!


-Training Session-

Date: Thursday,  June 30th

Server: Fjord || Room: Ice Berg

➡ Times:

4:00 AM PST(Pacific American)

5:00 AM MST(Mountain American)

6:00 AM CST(Central American)

7:00 AM EST(Eastern American)

 11:00 AM GMT

12:00 PM UK

 12:00 PM CET(Central European)

1:00 PM EET(Eastern European)

3:00 PM GST( Moscow, Georgia, Azerbaijan, UAE)

5:30 PM IST(Indian)

 8:00 PM JST(Japanese)

9:00 PM AEST(Australian Eastern)


-Training Session-

Date: Friday,  July 1st

Server: Fjord || Room: Stadium

➡ Times:

5:00 AM PST(Pacific American)

6:00 AM MST(Mountain American)

7:00 AM CST(Central American)

8:00 AM EST(Eastern American)

 12:00 PM GMT

1:00 PM UK

 1:00 PM CET(Central European)

2:00 PM EET(Eastern European)

4:00 PM GST( Moscow, Georgia, Azerbaijan, UAE)

6:30 PM IST(Indian)

 9:00 PM JST(Japanese)

10:00 PM AEST(Australian Eastern)


Legofan Cy~Nachos General & AUSIA Leader

7 Responses

  1. My exams end on Thursday!!so I will surely attend thrusday and Friday and on!!!!yyay!!AUSIA is back!

  2. i can attend all of these battles as long as i can bring my labtop and ipod up to my dads house because today i am going for the week

  3. CET Is one hour ahead of uk

  4. uh…Its 6:30pm IST on Friday right now..and there supposed to be battle now…but no one is there!! 😦

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