Deluded Badboy mistakes bots for troops [Fjord = Victory]

Oh wow.

First things first, a very big thank you to all of you who came to the event and successfully defended Fjord. Once again the Nachos proved that we are not to be messed with – especially on our capital.

Badboy, you CANNOT claim this as an RPF victory. No way. We really cannot tell who was bigger between you and the Nachos because half of your army was formed from bots. I’m not going to accuse RPF of using the bots themselves as evidence points to others. However, I will say this, RPF, THE BOTS DO NOT COUNT AS YOUR TROOPS. HAHAHHAHAHAHA. Just because you are at a disadvantage from the bots wearing black and standing all over you does not mean you can start counting them as your own. (Though I can see why the mistake would be made, since the bots don’t do your tactics, just like your own troops.)


Just look at this. Badboy claimed that RPF had a size advantage of “16-12.” I mean, even at face value it is clear from this that Badboy cannot count. Twelve is a smaller number than sixteen and thus it would be phrased “12-16.” However, there is also this very small fact, there is absolutely no way RPF could possibly fit that many more troops in the room even if they had them on the server. Between the Nachos, RPF and the bots, the ski hill does not possess a great enough capacity for RPF to have outnumbered us by twelve. It is through this that we can easily conclude that Badboy is what we would call “deluded.”

Badboy in his own mind is ok though, he truly believes in the power of “CPA.” No wonder though, since CPA is Commando717’s project, y’know, the guy who made RPF. And as we know, Commando and Elmikey have had cults of personalities formed around them by RPF troops, so it is little surprise that Badboy subscribes to this.


This is only hours after he had been barking on about CPA on CPAC…

Onto the battle itself, from what I could tell RPF spent most at a size equal to us, and like usual we performed the better tactics.

We spent most of the battle at the Ski Hill, only sadly for RPF they decided that they were not going to do that, and retreated multiple times. Erm, I hate to break this to you, but we were defending, and you were attacking, so according to your most precious “CPA” you were technically forfeiting? “CPA” does say attackers must follow defenders…


Look, I won’t say our size was great, but it rivalled RPF, and as usual our tactics were superior to there’s. Therefore when compounded with their multiple retreats from us it is only fair to say that we have won the Defence of Fjord.


This is the picture that Badboy used to “prove” RPF was bigger in our PC conversation. I’m sorry, but each army has 13 troops in this picture.

Anyway, thank you to all who came, well done for defending Fjord.

~Chrisi Blule

Comment if you made it! 

Click “Continue Reading” for pics…

Please note, Steve has taken most of the pics, they will be added when he next logs on.


4 Responses

  1. Nice post, I added all of my pictures.

  2. I came 😀

  3. I came but locked out

  4. I came for half of it cri ;-;

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