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Exposing the Rebels

Greetings Soldiers,

The time has come to expose the Rebel Penguin Federation for multilogging to fight their battles as a form of cheating. The following was made by Joffrey and given to us by a private source. Read on to see the proof of the multilogging going on inside the RPF.

Note: The pastebin is three weeks old now.

  1. Before you read the following, I would like to explain that these are speculated penguins that have attended RPF events. There are tons and tons of multilogs in the batch of penguins below but some may be wrongfully accused. If so, please count the accusation on that certain penguin void and move on.
  2. For the following penguins, these pictures were used.
  3. http://prntscr.com/bv0ga6 <<< nice newly created pengs standing next to each other
  4. http://prntscr.com/bv0gy3 << nice newly created pengs standing next to each other
  5. http://prntscr.com/bvchvz << nice newly created pengs lol
  6. Also, please note that almost all these penguins were created on the same day. The closer the digits are, the closer the day they have been created. So if an ID has 3311 and another is 3311 it means both have been created on the same day for sure. If the numbers are up and down by one or two it means its been created a day after or before. Nonetheless, it’s rather odd to see around 15-20 penguins attended the same 5 or so events that almost all have been created in this past week.
  7. Penguin count: 27
  8. Thisderius – 331145943 (3311) created last week
  9. Ratboy07 – 332031697 (3320) created last week
  10. Sidra101 – 330006037 (3300) created this month
  11. Poptarts429 – 331735391 (3317) created last week
  12. Osuna Yuuki 331991431 (3319)  created last week
  13. Moonstar5401 – 331777079 (3317) created last week
  14. 331837887 (initially a censored username but its = rpfrpf) peng named rpfrpf attended rpf events lol?? (3318) created last week
  15. 331975045 – (intially a censored username but it’s Kristztanhun) (3319) created last week
  16. 331449399 – (initially a censored username but it’s Evie the cat) (3313) created last week
  17. BOIIII4 – 331385879 – (3313) created last week
  18. Bsmtv1 – 332679047 (3326) created last week
  19. Van780 – 330029591 (3300) created this month
  20. Antiarctic – 330605073 – (3300) created this month
  21. Mj23thebest – 3309282717 – (3309) created 3 weeks ago
  22. 332556737 – (initially a censored username but it’s Freedlefaz) – created last week (3325)
  23. 331990457  – (initially a censored username but it’s Titanfall11) – created last week (3319)
  24. Turk3 – 332371811 – created this week. I know this guys an owner and all but why does he have such a new penguin that was created when ALL the penguins above were created? He doesn’t recruit since ghost silverburg and elmikey only have the python script so…? (3323)
  25. Josehphxx1 – 332559995 -(initially a censored username but it’s Josephxx1) – created last week (3325) http://prntscr.com/bv0c57
  26. Happyfeet – 325016423 – Created last week (3250)
  27. Aggang – 329209765 – Created last week – (3292)
  28. Rpf270 – 331532759 – Created last week (3315)
  29. 331920005 – (initially a censored username but it’s itzyaboizeek) – created this week (3319)
  30. 332058059 – username not present – created this week – (3320)
  31. 331969955 – Redbabc003 – created this week – (3319)
  32. 332323911 – snoogledip – created this week – (3323) Notice how the username is a fucking xat default name Lol.

This was posted on CPAC but removed shortly after due to Joffrey not having permission to post this, so we are posting it for him. CPAC and CPA, if you guys want to continue to serve justice in this community, do not be biased and punish the RPF. Commando, just because you run CPA, that still means you need to be equal and punish the army you created if they are cheating.


3 Responses

  1. get rekt m8

  2. those cheeky bastards

  3. […] In this post, I will go through a few penguins that I forgot to mention in the previous post. Also take a look at Joffrey’s evidence.  […]

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