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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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CP Cheats #7 [Lighthouse Band Sheet Music]

← #6 [Box Dimension Music]                                            #8 [Pizzatron 3000 Music] →

Hola Nachos!

I felt like doing another music post before CP closes, so today I wrote an arrangement for the Lighthouse music!


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Blueysib6’s Last Post

The Nacho Army will be gone tomorrow so this is my last post ever. Goodbye, Nacho Army.

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“All Access Pass”

Chrisi’s Edit: But Club Penguin is still available??

Update: They put the servers back online like an hour ago



So uh, where is it?


the nacho army of club penguin hereby declares war on the army of club penguin due to the massive injustice of banning quality shitposter noka8 in his quest for a piece of ass

we will be lighting the acp capital of breeze on fire and then summoning thor’s giant boot to smash breeze into the core of the earth and sink the ice berg



TIME: 10:00pm EST (in 24 hours)

i invite all members of the acp and nachos to attend if you want to see some old fucks shit talk each other on xat and have our last bit of cp nostalgia

if any of yall wanna keep in touch once this is over

my kik is givemethezucc

see ya guys, it’s been real



Hola Nachos! It’s me, Till Wurner, Pony Eee, whatever else you know me by, here to report the *final* event (that was tactic based. We’re still having a party tomorrow.) *sniff* We stayed on for OVER AN HOUR and lived it up on multiple servers. I think it’s safe to say we’re all seriously going to miss this game in the end, whether you’re a vet, a troop, a former owner, a legend, or a Will-Turner-Obsessed freak of nature like myself.


I’m not crying, you’re crying! We finished the event the same way we start them-with War Faces.

We started out on Blizzard, but it was wayyyyy to crowded. Then we moved to Fjord, where LT got salty and bot raided us. Because despite the game ending in two days, they’re still bitter over losing the legends cup. What children, am I right? Afterwards, we moved to Flurry where we took pictures in the Pizza Parlor, hung out at the iceberg, and lived it up at the Stadium. It was a super fun event and I’m glad we could all round up for one last one. I’m gonna try and not make this post emotional, because we’re gonna have lots of sob fests to come. Anyway, continue reading for pictures. There are A LOT of pictures, I tried to get at least one from everyone in. If I missed someone, I apologize.

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CP Cheats #6 [Box Dimension Sheet Music]

← #5 [Thin Ice Music]                                                            #7 [Lighthouse Music] →

Hola Nachos!

Today’s edition of this CP Cheats series will be another music post, this time of the music in the Box Dimension!


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A Nacho Story: 2006/2007


Over the past few weeks, several legends have been working towards documenting the Nacho History from A to Z. I’m happy to present a sneak preview of the complete years, and hopefully this will give you more insight to this grand army’s humble beginnings. It seems during several discussions on the greatest armies ever, the Nachos have been overlooked because of a “slow” start. However, I can guarantee it was anything less than that. I hope you enjoy!


Written by Shadow2446

In the beginning times, order was near nonexistent. Agents, The Red Army, the Blue Army, Vikings, Romans, and the Army of Club Penguin all rolled between Mammoth, the forum server, and Blizzard, the most popular server. Snowballs, relentless charges, and the sound of the drums ruled the Blizzard and Mammoth Dojos. Small clans of Nachos under different leaderships began popping up among servers, but one leader rose among the rest to establish structure and dominance. Around August 2006, Jamesbond1 declared himself the Nacho King of Blizzard. With a small group of 12 core Nachos, he began to establish the Nacho culture and name among regular CP warriors. Two months later, the heir Tom Wolf would establish his reign over the Nachos. Little did anybody realize this small move by a Nacho Captain would establish the beat of the maracas until the end of Club Penguin Army history. Continue reading

Leaked Image from LT

Shocking image retrieved from LT’s secret filing cabinet reveals truth about how Epic got leader from Waterkid…

NSFW Warning

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Gfx Masterpost

I made some nacho edits and cutouts, because why not???


There might be stuff added to this if I make more.

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