Recruiting Session results/Minor scuffle with RPF?

We logged on Ice Berg for a thirty minute low scale recruiting event, as I’m posting this the join comment number is at thirteen recruits, so we’ll say this event was a success. We Nachos went to the Snow Forts and chanted a ton of stuff to get new penguins to join, I think at one point we had a combined force of about 15 rogues/real Nachos which was cool. Ironically, RPF had an event at the same time as us, a recruiting one. What better way to get recruits than battle each other? RPF didn’t stay long, as they respected our recruiting event and instead went to another room. Thanks RPF 🙂 . Here’s some pictures:

Agent and I are going to post a costume/igloo contest for halloween. Hope you guys like that 🙂


****Nacho leader****

Semi-Finals here we come![Results]

Update: A video of the battle thanks to Legofan Cy!

At 2:30, Eastern Standard Time, I found myself in a great place. I was on a chat with the soldiers of the Nacho Army. We won the quarterfinal match of the Champions Cup.

Today, we were tasked with battling the Snow Ninjas in the Quarterfinals of CPAC’s Champions cup. We logged on and from the beginning we took the lead. In my opinion, our tactics were close to perfect, our size was a big improvement from last week, and the Nacho was spirit was the best it’s been in awhile. We started at the Dock with a few warm up tactics, and quickly made our way to the Ice Berg. There, we dominated in formations, size and tactics. After about 15 minutes of that, we made our way to the Ice Rink/Stadium. We immediately made a large formation giving SN little room to make theirs. There, we also dominated in tactics, formations and size. From there, Zing named us the victors of the quarterfinal battle. Now Nachos, we are now two battles away from victory. We will make history as the greatest comeback story since the Ice Vikings. We maxed about 20+. Good work Nachos.

**Things I noticed at the battle**

  • Every owner  was online.
  • Every Nacho was excited to be here and did their job.
  • You guys did very well with formations, especially you new guys.
  • Our leading of tactics needs some work.
  • Nachos rule.
  • Kevin is God

Highlight Photos:

Warm up


Stadium/Ice Rink


Comment if you made it, Medals will be distributed


****Nacho leader****

Promotions from September!

You guys deserve ’em!

Blue= You got a promotion! 🙂

Red= You got a demotion! 😦

Purple= You got a DOUBLE PROMOTION ! 😀

Orange + *= Can’t be promoted, but person will receive next rank when it opens up 🙂


 General of the Army » Agent233, B Batman3, Cowboydan101[ON LEAVE]

 General »  Legofan Cy, Zekrom[Tootal], Stone523,

 Lieutenant General »  Percy jacks2, Konrad


 Brigadier General »  Summit[Zozarutchi1]*, Eggs54, Guitar 48300, Zone*[Tad77Swat], Xmen[Firehot6], Centaur17(TEMPORARY DEMOTION)

 Colonel »  Rare18, Dj Dan, Clyde[N05hoc], Pechu123, Sava346, 95spider

 Major »   James50,  General Rek

 Captain »  Casillas2159

 1st Lieutenant » Impetuous99,  Epickitty102, Datdudebp, Neer the End, Bacara

 2nd Lieutenant »   Cookieball2

 Master Sergeant » Whitey 312, Gary0503

 Sergeant »  Msfab21, Sweet 983

 Corporal »  Kenny725[Robotracer], Arkadiy Deli, Realrishi, Shadow 766, Hatsun, katniss33335

 Lance Corporal »  Dog348, Polarskater1, Deviousdev2, Fernan1206

Bull Hour, Ryguy4242, , Ivy7777, Iceinmyveins, Emily537, Add73, Ultra Radu, peteeeeeeee,Emz 78940, Alexape

 Private First Class »  Mimigaming1,  Ifrankencop, Misty10, Wodles8976, Zommer2012, Litt34, HaloLegends8, , Benja1426, Ethancoen7,  Ugnyte124,   arther1234, hwilborn123, Buss368,  Mollymoouu, Luvolivia234, Jilbert, Joeymnbvcxza,

 Private »  Xxash352,  Fruitninja77, Boypranav. Ann10111, Fishslap15, Sisbro4, Ksginny, Jalen2005, Prince012, Aquapeeps, Dylyschott, Angieeek, Aj888, Cutey537,Melissa28902, Trinity, Zadaa6, Fluttersh988, Tory005, GiaRammGabu, Piky57314, Mike72222, Kaileebug08, Slipperysam4, 7e2uhdvqii9d, Bellabellie, Zrcoop2, Superboy77k7, Lindzolla, IHeartShel, Doba,  Flickapink, Mrswag1003, iimillah, Erica93557, Ninja Usa1, 1D Llamas,Terry92316, Sheree Tam, Aj22000, Mrman123, Pkachu Pika, Pickletree90, Repunzel127, Fourcats, Pearl52612, Purplemoon15, Rainbowlord4, Pinky Fluffs, Repunzel127, Nachoarmycp7, Agentmoose01, Rplane101gt, Superanna1, Joey23400, PsychoSurfer, Superanna1, Pig Gameplay, Taejahpinky


The chances are, I missed some of you. If I missed you and/or you feel you deserved a promo and didn’t get one, comment on this post or speak to me on chat A.S.A.P. Enjoy your promos and the rest of your weekends!


****Nacho leader****


Hola, Nachos!

Today we moved on the top place of our group, having 3 points while the other 3 armies have 0! We defeated the other evil orange army called the Doritos of Club Penguin. The Doritos refused to log on club penguin so we instantly got the victory. We maxed A LOT of soldiers for the Nachos, especially for when a hurricane is passing through the east coast of the United States and tons of our troops were affected. Anyway, GREAT JOB NACHOS!!!!! As promised, there will be promotions later today. We were going to do them October 1st, but we thought it’d be better to do them after today. Agent and I just knew you guys would make us proud at this event. Anyway, there are some nice pictures from the battle below.  Our max was 18 soldiers and our average was 14. Good work Nachos.

I’m proud of you Nachos. It’s safe to say I speak on behalf of Agent by saying that too. Round two here we come! Promotions will be out tonight (Eastern Standard Time)


****Nacho leader****

Successful Cleansing of Blizzard! (Thursday)

Hey Nachos!

On Thursday, the US force logged on Blizzard to cleanse it from the Dark Bandits. The Cleanse was successful and no enemies were found.