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This will be used to weed out inactive troops so that we can accurately organize the army into divisions, groups, and regiments.

If you do not comment, you will be removed from the ranks.


–Emperor Shiver I

Crownless [US Events] [EVENT TODAY!]

Raid [US]

Date: April 18th, 2014

Server: TBD || Room: All over


:arrow: 7:00 PM EST

:arrow: 6:00 PM CST

:arrow: 5:00 PM MST

:arrow: 4:00 PM PST

:arrow: 12:00 PM GMT

Fjord Rally [US/UK]

Date: April 19th, 2014

Server: Fjord || Room: All over


:arrow: 3:30 PM EST

:arrow: 2:30 PM CST

:arrow: 1:30 PM MST

:arrow: 12:30 PM PST

:arrow: 8:30 PM GMT

Practice Battle vs. DW [US/UK]

Date: April 12th, 2014

Server: Fjord || Room: All over


:arrow: 3:00 PM EST

:arrow: 2:00 PM CST

:arrow: 1:00 PM MST

:arrow: 12:00 PM PST

:arrow: 8:00 PM GMT

Practice Battle VS Smart Penguins: Thermal[4/18/2014]

Howdy there, Nachos!

Today the UK division of the Nachos had a fun practice battle with Smart Penguins. We maxed about 10, we were hoping for more but hey, recruiting an easy fix, right? Anyway, the tactics were good, Nachos. Thermal was a one bar server at 2 PM EST. Keep recruiting Nachos! Bigger and better and ALL together! Keep working hard Nachos, it will pay off soon! thermal41812 thermal418122


~ Emily

PB With RF Results

After RF granted us victory, we decided, that it would be in our best interests to have this day as a break. Remember, our next battle is tomorrow, the times can be found HERE.


~Chrisi Blule

So, err, comment if you were on chat?


Moderator Evaluation Week Standings


Session- BB75

Post- TBA

Zing King:

Session- TBA

Post- TBA

Recruiting & Tactics Session On Alaska.

Hola Nachos,

Earlier this evening, We had a scheduled PB with Golds. Things got messy and we decided to log on to Alaska, a 4 bar server, for a Recruiting/Tactics session instead. We maxed sizes of 18 and averaged a size of 15. Our tactics were OK  but there’s always room for improvement! People need to pay more attention during events and focus a little more on Club Penguin, rather than the conversations on chat. All in all we did a good job for a Weekday event. Well done Nachos!

Scroll down for more Pictures:


Nachos 4


Nachos 5


Nachos 6

Comment if you made it!

-Laoise/Irishspeaker, Nachos 3ic.


[UK] Special Weapons And Nachos on Frozen

Hola Nachos!

Yesterday we had a pretty nice event on frozen, maxing about 15 for the UK division which in my opinion, wasn’t too shabby at all! The tactics were good although attentiveness in  the chat could’ve been a little more on point. But for the most part you were all pretty sharp and looking like an intact UK division to me! I hope things with us carry on this way as we could use this as momentum to snowball into one of the greatest divisions of UK this army has seen yet.

Keep up the good work Nachos! Click read more for the pictures of the event.

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Raid of Tuxedo.

Hola Nachos!

Last Night,  We decided to raid a “Hunt and Kill” event that many armies were attending. The event was to be held on Tuxedo and we logged on in full force. After joining in the battle for 15 minutes alongside ACP, LT, Golds, RF, RPF and trying out many new tactics, the Nachos decided that it would be a good idea to go to the Pizza Parlor in celebration of our New Leadership. During this event, We maxed 17 and averaged 14 – Not too bad for a Monday night event!


Comment if you made it!

- Laoise/Irishspeaker, Nachos 3ic.

Introducing Slider- Mr. 3ic Guy

This will be my edit color.

Well it seems that Nachos needed a new 3ic for the US division and I’m that guy. For those of you who don’t know me I’m Slider568 and to those who do, hey. Since I’m 3ic now I’ll give you all a short version of my cp army career and where I’ve been so anyone who doesn’t know me can get to know me better.

I joined ACP in March 2009 and left that summer to come back later in 2010 and after trying to join numerous small armies and even make my own with a couple of other noobs like me I started rising up the ranks in ACP where in April 2011 I became ACP 3ic and later 2ic until late 2012 where I retired and came back in 2013 for a short time in order to help out to fill in for an absent 3ic. I don’t hate ACP and I still actually like ACP because it was my first army and feels like home and you’ll have to accept that about me.

Some other things you might like to know about me:

  • I was in Nachos before when Tanman was leader while I was in ACP.
  • I’m nearly 16 and swear as much as anyone else but I don’t like racism or a lot of sexual talk because sometimes it gets a little sickening and even boring when its all the time.
  • I was in CPAC and CPAE
  • I will most likely not be on too much during the school week because I do in fact against popular belief have a life and have responsibilities other than a cp army.
  • I enjoy playing Minecraft, Gary’s mod, GTA, and games like them and I also like watching youtubers like the Yogscast and Captiansparklez

Things you can expect from me:

  • I like to post. I’ve always had a thing for posting and I sometimes like to write up a quick post that might not be relevant to anything going on in the army or it might be but I think its important to have posts people want to read on the site too.
  • I’ll kick/ban for any behavior that causes a lot of people to quit Nachos and if anyone has a problem you can come to me and I’ll solve it. Its hard to fathom but some people are close to the edge and constant bullying wherever they go does cause suicide and people might laugh at the thought of it all but – don’t be an ass.
  • I’ll do my best to be active.

Well I guess thats it. I hope you’re optimistic about Nacho’s future and if you’re thinking about joining you do. Thanks to the leaders for giving me this opportunity. I know I haven’t been here too long and it took a lot of consideration.

A New Reign

Hola Nachos. On Saturday night, I was officially honored by being appointed the Leader of the Great Nacho Army. While this is my technical second reign, this will be the first reign that I will be able to wield my power and do some good for this army.

This army is by no means dying, but we are not at our full potential-not just yet. We still have some work to do before we can claim our rightful spots as Number 1. This includes having everyone come to the posted events, being active on the site by leaving comments, and recruiting. These are all things that I know everyone knows. However, if you don’t do them, there is no way that this army can succeed.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet- I’m not into theatrics or soliloquies about why I’ll be the best leader this army has ever seen.  The time for words is over; it’s time for some action. This army will not falter like it has when other leaders have left. I (along with the other leaders) will make sure that we have a nice successful run and reclaim our rightful spot on the top. This is of course, the Diamond Age, now it’s time to shine like diamonds. I look forward to leading you guys to many victories in the near future.


~Shine Bright Like Diamonds



A New Beginning.

Hola Nachos,

So it’s been quite an eventful week, huh?  As most of you know, a lot of things have changed recently within the structure of this army. I know that some of you were worried that this could have a negative impact on the Nachos or change who we are – I’m here to tell you that’s NOT the case. These decisions have been made by our leaders with the best interests of the Nachos at heart.

With these changes, we will only get stronger. These recent events have brought us all closer together as a unit and made us realize how valuable each and every troop is. Without you guys, the Nachos wouldn’t be the army we are today. Thank You.

These movements have also given us a new sense of determination. We are going to prove anyone who doubts us, wrong. We will once again be as powerful as the great Nachos of our Golden Age.
Now is our time to rise up, Nachos – 2014 Is our year. It’s time to prove to everyone how strong we are & show them that crossing us was a VERY bad idea. The Diamond age begins now.

As the UK Division, It is our aim to ensure this happens. We have lots of events coming up this week and it’s key that every one of you try your best to attend. Our goal is to make the UK Division the best it’s been in the history of this army & for that to happen, we need you. You guys are the most important part of this army – the Troops. This Division needs to grow bigger and get stronger. To do that, your help is needed.

Recruiting is the way to do this:

  1.  We need you guys to recruit everyday on Club Penguin. Even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes. The easiest way to do this is in groups of 3 or 4.
  2.  Ask your friends – This is a great way of getting new recruits. If your friend knows you’re here, they’ll want to join too. 
  3.  Follow the Nachos on Twitter & share our posts – Your followers will see them and may want to check out our site.

By doing these things, our UK Division will be back on top in no time. I believe in you Nachos. Don’t let me down! Remember -

 Sombreros Together, Nachos Forever.


- Laoise/Irishspeaker. Nachos 3ic.


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