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Burn the Bridge Behind You


:!: Invasion of Boots [UK] :!:

Date: Monday September 1st, 2014

Server: Boots|| Room: Town


3:00PM EST

2:00PM CST

1:00PM MST

12:00PM PST

8:00PM UK


:!: Invasion of Snowboard[USA] :!:

Date: Monday September 1st, 2014

Server: Snowboard|| Room: Town


7:00PM EST

6:00PM CST

5:00PM MST

4:00PM PST

12:00AM UK

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Need Not Fret

So, as some of you may know, we’ve fallen from the CPAC Top 10. Honestly, it doesn’t particular matter too much, sure it’s nice and all to be in the Top 10, but we’ve had an ok week, and I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “fall”, more, a bit of a decline, but we’ll follow that up with a sharp incline, with your efforts.

The first thing I’d like to clarify, is that we haven’t done completely awfully, maxing 18 at the event on Saturday, it’s just that we have not been as consistent as other armies, this is something that needs to change. Please, try your best to come to events, they only usually take half an hour, it’s really not going to distract you from your homework/studying/social life, and of course, coming to events earns you promotions, makes the army more fun, thus causes more people to join, and therefore, in general, makes our Xat remain extremely fun. We’ve been getting good sizes on our chat regularly, and that’s with minimal retirees, it’s just we need to make sure that we keep those high chat sizes during events, so we have a lot of people logging on, don’t be lazy, that kills armies, make sure to log on.

Secondly, when school begins, armies tend to suffer a drop in performance, however, many of the armies above us in the Top 10 have attempted to counteract with furious recruiting. And we should be doing that too, if you’d like to help recruit (which increases your chance of promotions exponentially, then PC an owner on chat, for information on how to!)

Finally, just to reiterate, if you want this army to be as fun as possible, make sure to come to events, and on our xat as much as you possibly can! Even just half an hour a day will make a huge difference!

Oh, and make sure to pay attention to tactics when we go on CP ;D

In conclusion;

Our goals:

  • Get back into the Top 10, and reach top 3
  • Regularly get 30+ on CP
  • Defeat Doritos
  • Remain the best at tactics.


~Chrisi Blule

Interview with Elsa

Hey guys!

Zing here, okay so yesterday I managed to score an interview with the star of Club Penguin’s Frozen Party. I managed to get an interview with the one and only Elsa! She spoke very highly of many things including The Nacho Army! Here is the full interview!

Elsa bows in the presence of the almighty Nachos.

Elsa bows in the presence of the almighty Nachos.

Zing King To: Hey Elsa! Firstly I want to take a moment before this interview begins to thank you for allowing us to interview you.

Elsa: If anything, it should be me thanking the Nacho Army for wanting to interview me! I’ve always been a lover of The Nacho Army. I’ve watched you guys kick butt so much haha.

Zing King To: Oh Elsa! That’s really nice of you to say haha. Well, my first question for you is where do you get the motivation to be this bigger than life character in Club Penguin?

Elsa: Well just like the Nacho Army’s Salsa, this might be a little cheesy haha (Olaf loves that Salsa by the way) but from you guys. I love the whole never say die attitude that troops like you have Zing and the rest of the Nacho Army. It inspires me to log on and do what I do on Club Penguin. My family, friends and puffle are also really supportive of me so they add to it y’know.

Zing King To: Would it be safe to say that you are sort of an icon, a hero even to many adoring Club Penguin fans?

Elsa: Wow Zing, you really are nice. How are you not leader yet lol? Well, I guess I’m someone that people could look up to. Hopefully the Nachos will also look up to me when we are serving together.

Zing King To: What do you mean by “serving together”?

Elsa: I’m going to be joining the Nacho Army! Well, a mascots work is never done! I gotta run now to go and perform for my lovely Club Penguin fans! This interview has been great and I look forward to standing side to side with the Nacho Army as we take more servers from DCP!



This Title Was Created By Chrisi Blule Due to Him Stupidly Publishing the Post Without One; Raid of Summit Results

Hi all,

Today’s raid could have been great. It should have been great. I’m not exactly sure what went wrong today; we had about 25 troops on chat to start, but we really only hovered around 15-17 for the entire event (though we did max 22 in pre-battle). Our tactics today were also a mess. Response times were unusually lousy, and they only became worse as the battle progressed. In order for this army to do well, everybody needs to contribute – we all function off of each other, and if we really want to avoid a second iteration of autumn 2013, we need all hands on deck. No excuses for performing poorly today,  but the only thing we can do now is forget about it and look forward to next week.

DCP is probably going to go all out in their post saying how weak we are and how much they’ve risen, but just remember, they had to surrender the war for five days because they were falling so hard. No Musta, it’s not considered a ceasefire unless both sides agree to it. You surrendered the war for a week. Oh, and it’s also quite hilarious that DCP thinks maxing 25 once on a Saturday means they’re entering a “diamond age.”

Comment if you made it!


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Possible Hazard

Hey Nachos!

Okay so before I start anything – I want to say this. NACHO ARMY’S BLOG AND NACHO ARMY’S CHAT IS COMPLETELY SAFE FOR USE. Adverts around the chat however might not be. I was recently on XAT and I saw an advertisement for a Stupidity Drug. Use this website once – and you lose 7 IQ points. As long as you don’t click the advert you should be fine. If you do click it – just click straight off.

Now, in the picture – I have blurred out the link. Do not click the advertisement. If you click it – You die stupid and alone. Furthermore, promotions are coming out very soon so be on the look out for those.

- Zing

Be smart. Don't click the advert at the bottom of the screen at home, school or at work.

Be smart. Don’t click the advert at the bottom of the screen at home, school or at work.

Important Battle Today – Raid of Summit – RAID GOING ON NOW

We’ll be raiding DCP’s division practice battle today on Summit at 3 EST, 2 CST, 1 MST, 12 PST, 8 GMT.



Raid of Summit


:!: Raid of Summit[USA/UK] :!:

Date: Saturday August 29th, 2014

Server: Summit|| Room: TBD


3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

8:00 PM UK

 ||Goal: 35+||

Nachos on Walrus Territory



Nachos had another successful invasion today. This time we went to Walrus and hung out in the town for the entire event. DCP was no where to be found  while there were approx 10 nachos. That number may not be very big for us but it’s bigger than what DCP had today. Great work you guys!






I Would Say We’re Colourful Like Rainbows, But Nachos Tend To Be Red, Orange, and Yellow [Invasion of Rainbow - EURO Event Results]

Today we logged on the colourful server of Rainbow, and it took it from the ever absent DCP.  We maxed 13, and averaged 12. Which is quite good for a Euro event, and gives us foundations to work on. [It's considered a UK event, because most Americans are back in school]. We tried a few more advanced tactics today, and I was pleased with how they were pulled off, they’ll work very well in an event against actual opponents.

Size: [6/10]: I was happy with the size considering that it was a UK event, and most people have went back to school, however, we still need to continue to improve on it, so make sure to come to as many events as you possible can do.

Tactics: [8/10]They were a little off towards the start of the event, but we pulled off a tactics that we’ve never done before, so well done.

Thanks to everyone who came

-Chrisi Blule

Comment if you made it!

Credit to Zing for this picture

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Flipping off DCP

Early in the morning, we, the Nachos logged onto the server Flippers. We flipped off DCP and then some red cheeky scrubs in viking helmets logged on for  5 minutes then left. Anyway, comment if you made it, and Chrisi, upload photos or else I will cry.


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