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    Max43810 on Raid of Summit
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Raid of Summit


:!: Raid of Summit[USA/UK] :!:

Date: Saturday August 29th, 2014

Server: Summit|| Room: TBD


3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

8:00 PM UK

 ||Goal: 35+||

Nachos on Walrus Territory



Nachos had another successful invasion today. This time we went to Walrus and hung out in the town for the entire event. DCP was no where to be found  while there were approx 10 nachos. That number may not be very big for us but it’s bigger than what DCP had today. Great work you guys!






I Would Say We’re Colourful Like Rainbows, But Nachos Tend To Be Red, Orange, and Yellow [Invasion of Rainbow - EURO Event Results]

Today we logged on the colourful server of Rainbow, and it took it from the ever absent DCP.  We maxed 13, and averaged 12. Which is quite good for a Euro event, and gives us foundations to work on. [It's considered a UK event, because most Americans are back in school]. We tried a few more advanced tactics today, and I was pleased with how they were pulled off, they’ll work very well in an event against actual opponents.

Size: [6/10]: I was happy with the size considering that it was a UK event, and most people have went back to school, however, we still need to continue to improve on it, so make sure to come to as many events as you possible can do.

Tactics: [8/10]They were a little off towards the start of the event, but we pulled off a tactics that we’ve never done before, so well done.

Thanks to everyone who came

-Chrisi Blule

Comment if you made it!

Credit to Zing for this picture

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Flipping off DCP

Early in the morning, we, the Nachos logged onto the server Flippers. We flipped off DCP and then some red cheeky scrubs in viking helmets logged on for  5 minutes then left. Anyway, comment if you made it, and Chrisi, upload photos or else I will cry.


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Hey guys. Quick update.

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Dear Nachos,

I am f******* retiring.

- Thex

New Author

Hello Nachos!

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Davros however some of you may know me as Zing. I am a current 5ic in the Nacho Army and have high hopes of one day being a 3ic in the army. Beeky has granted me a new position in the army, while I will still be heading up my position as a 5ic, I will also be blogging about Club Penguin news that could perhaps effect our army and other things.

Now, I’d like to welcome everyone to give me feedback on my posts as it would really help me develop into a better blogger. Working on this blog means I am working as a blogger to you, the Nacho Troops. This means, I want you guys to be happy with my work.

That is just about all from me, Nachos. Just remember, make sure you guys recruit and also stay active. Make sure you guys check the blog more to! This way you will know about important events.

- Davros

But Lobster is More Expensive? [Results of the Invasion of Oyster]

Today, we had an incredibly hard fought battle against the dreaded Doritos, I’m so surprised that we won, thus taking Oyster as our own, they maxed a whole 0, while we maxed and  averaged 15 [because we had 15 basically throughout this battle]. We started in the Town, where we suspected a Doritos ambush, as they were no where to be seen. Naturally, we waited, expecting this ambush, and the slaughter of many of our troops, alas, it did not come, and we marched through their server.

Just to clarify, since DCP don’t understand sarcasm, we weren’t expecting them to show up, and we therefore were not  expecting an ambush.

This event was a bit of an improvement on some of our events this week, hopefully, once everyone has settled into school, we can work on our sizes more, in preparation for the inevitable harsh winter.

Size: [4/10]15 throughout the battle, it’s not absolutely awful, but it’s not the best either, we can and will continue to improve on that.

Tactics: [9/10]: While we didn’t particularly do any advanced tactics, pretty much everyone performed them, so that was good.

Comment if you came! 

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Still Rebuilding? South Pole Invasion Results

What’s popin’ Nachos?

Today we invaded the server South Pole. As usual Dcp didn’t show up. We maxed 8 troops, and we still where bigger than dcp. Now that is a bit sad West. Another sad thing is that Dcp has to enter a “rebuilding” stage at a time of war, now that’s a disgrace to this entire community. Anyways, Nachos now own South Pole.








Honesty is the WEST policy

Yeah, this guy is honestly full of himself.

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