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    Welcome to the Nachos! We are one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time. As the best in the land, we fight with a strong passion to win and a mission to have fun. We're always in constant combat defending our glorious Empire against all foes that seek to undermine our might, so what are you waiting for? Stand with us and join us in our quest to become the strongest and best army in Club Penguin. If you think you're Nacho material, join by clicking HERE!
    ~Nacho Leaders

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    Chrisi Blule: Hola! I'm Chrisi Blule, I'm a Nacho veteran- I first joined the Nachos in 2008 and have been with them ever since. I come from Britain so often people outside of Europe might not see me as much. I like to have a lot of fun on chat, and I'm happy to help you with any questions. This is my second stint as leader and I hope to surpass the success of my first! Viva Los Nachos!



    Guitar8300: Hola! I am Guitar48300, but everyone calls me Guitar. I have been with the Nachos since 2009. I live in Arizona, USA, where it's hot. When I'm not online with Nachos I'm either playing video games, playing guitar or working. I'm hoping to be a great leader that Nachos will remember, just like those before me.

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The New Era

New to the Nachos? Click >>HERE<< to join!

Lets see if we can keep what we got yesterday 


Sunday 1st March


 Practice Battle Vs. DCP

Server: Summit

5:00pm EST

4:00pm CST

3:00pm MST

2:00pm PST

10:00pm GMT

»20+ Expected«

Welcome to the Nachos!

New Rankings – Including Some Promotions!!

If your name is in green then you have recieved a promotion!

As you know there has just been an active count, and now the ranks have been cleared out. Set out below are the new rankings. If you have been removed from the ranks it is because you didn’t comment on the active count [or that I made a silly mistake] to get added back to the ranks simply comment on this post with;


Rank before active count;

[Don’t lie. I still have the ranks prior to the active count saved :lol:]

Well done to everyone who has been promoted, if you have been promoted it is because you have 1. Commented on the active count. 2. Worked very hard.

There are some of you however that are dangerously close to being demoted due to your inactivity. I have not detailed who these people are on the ranks. I’d expect them to know themselves whether they have been active enough of not.

If you have any problems or complaints, please see a leader on our Xat!

Thank you,

Chrisi Blule


Leader: Chrisi Blule, Laoise, Guitar48300, Vonchiefer.

Field Marshall: DjDan, Green Dai, Darkman.

General: Baseball1043, Jimichimi, Fluffy 9404, Topaz.

Lieutenant General: Camperjohn64, Tootal (AUSIA Leader), Water GuardTalexander, Edd64

Brigadier: Molbygirl, , Shy Ninja,  B Batman 3

Colonel:   Cooldude1a, Legofan Cy

Major: ,  Frigido, Miyls, Oggy

Captain:  Verum, Beauty74642, Foldez

Lieutenant: Cowboydan101, Poseidon112, Sarge

Warrant Officer:  Roccobo2003, Bandage23Skyblue170

Master Sergeant:  Marlowe, Timedragon, 95 Spider, Venus, Reshiram0801, Daffodaily5,

Sergeant: Bailey, Tysuke, 

Corporal: Butupi, Misty10, The Disco123

Lance Corporal: Andrew1606, Cookieball2, Penguin6559, Mr Cow2, Pielover42, Ryu401,

Private First Class Angel0746, Casillas2159, EvanSharma, Gary0503, Icepeinguin1, Isaac13170, jblover68594,  Jerypeng2, Josh8710, Justin Duck, Kajh123, Katerina Qt, Kat290, Kishu5, Lexus 07, Lollipop2487, Meggie8, Moohay, Mudstack89, Nachozman124, Ninjazoomer,  Papv99, Penguintato1, Penguity2004, Thinknoodle9, Yoshi725, 123nai, 28luis, Connerfrasor, Petey222, Cleyoe, Musicalizzy, Ericalexan, Skycraft55, Ocean10294, Im Sweet 983, Guinby, Penguy115,  Tropicana137, leleofficial,KaiPlayer75, Sassycat808, Reemguy2002, gbrock2003, Arine20,  pipa676, chewieman, Pinkypop9333, Omgie, mark876, NazeefaLeksh,  Bab Dude, Buritodaily, Candydude1, Clipper90, Crysthalia,, Demolord, Fluffy38, Ggpett

Private: ACooldude2230, Anakin Sky20, Casey1, Cuterachel1, Df27, Emma11229, Icee215, Iscorepoon, joeymnbvcxza, Love123ana, Mpgm, Nan Tan, Penguto1451, Qfive, Rainbowboy1, Rockykb1, secretkey1, Skipper233, Tremor 30512, Usoprincess, Waddles62798, Yoshe04, 3shi, Tommy3375, Brant12, Amorris03, Merpy Merpy, Skrubsweeper, O Donnel, Lily8070, Risha102, Abbu1234, Kaylebayle, Purplefoot59, Naruto124, Bodangles4, Patrick1star, Rashrunner12, Vappor5, Dilarakurnaz, Vilchis03, Wowbro12345, Boomer906,Sunny243, Richboy93803, Peyton40048, Priscilla181, Reshiram0801, Gblions22, Scarlet913, Mason1045, Fluffy51838, Flappy1842, Let It Go124, EPF222, Lindsay8805, Ashley Lily, Tommyboy51, Reyreyc8, Alisha 7, Gamebosstony, Amazon Rain1, Vane1139, Akku88872, Freezy32430, Ninja1679, Greenpop2007, Jericho2015, Penguin Rio 2, Headwig2007, Jessicasb3, Henrycatdog,Volcanic0321n, Smartangelo2, Penguy 115, Bellabellie, Sonic Rings3, Hotfiregurg, Funcky000, Beps0117, Yoniqua03, Alfonsolemon, Ugo46, Scarlet913, Medi1904, New Comer 25, kaipoop, Mexican_Cat, Azzaky, Drift745, BrookeDoesMc, Miley60cyrus, joji1512,Wad  Dles30888, Evelyn4, Minion5090, Printstudio1, BeauBlue1, Yeahmurica, Nsnickers03, Firespy10, Snapdragen, Madmonty1, Progamer8787.

First Class Mexican: Joker, Tanner

I’m Not One To Complain About CPAC Top Tens But…

I’m not one to complain about CPAC Top Ten’s but this one didn’t make much sense to me. So if a nice member of CPAC can kindly reply to this post that’d be great.

First off there’s the whole ”Nachos - 2 point deduction (2 blatant mislabel”. Please, if you’re going to declare armies to be mislabelling sizes then tell them which events they’ve mislabed. How are we going to fix anything if CPAC are seemingly unable to tell you what events have been mislabelled. And that’s not  even getting onto the fact that as far as I can tell, none of our events were mislabelled.

Edit; In fact, CPAC’s deductions are incredibly unclear; are they saying that we mislabelled the divisions that the events apply to or are they indeed saying we exaggerated size? My point still stands though, at least give us some indication as to what events you have decided we’ve ‘mislabelled’.  


Then there’s the whole fact that as far as CPAC is concerned that we did not have any AUSIA events despite the fact one is clearly posted here. Now, I know a max of 5 is hardly ‘big’ even for an AUSIA events, but surely it still warrants a higher AUSIA average than an ‘N/A’ and more points than a ‘0.00’.

And can the ‘UK Average’ category please be explained? Is it an average of UK events…? Our one UK event found us maxing 9 troops. Surely the average of 9 is well, 9. Hold on, I’ll do the math. Yes, it’s 9. Not 5.00. 9.00.

Your calculations for the Top 10 are becoming far too complicated with seemingly minimum explanation.

I won’t go into my rant about Gar being a judge in yet another CPAC Tournament battle against the Nachos. He’s religiously anti-Nacho and it has shown time and time again. The very fact that 2 CPAC judges, one of them Garrett decided that DW were somehow victorious against us is a very telling sign.


I’d like to leave a side note that I do honestly appreciate the work that goes into a Top 10. It must be incredibly tedious to go through so many armies writing descriptions and making sure they aren’t exaggerating sizes.

~Chrisi Blule

Nacho Recruiting Force

Hola Nachos!

For the past few weeks the owners and I have been working on a Recruiting site for the Nachos. Last night it was finally completed and I’m pleased to announce the grand re-opening of the Force!

For those of you who wish to join this group of elite troops, please message any of the people listed below with your WordPress details, Rank and Location.

*Note: All troops who are already on the site >> nachoarmy.net, as an author or above, have been added to the site already.




You will all be asked to attend scheduled meetings during the week, which will be posted about on this RF site. We also ask you all to put a special “symbol” in your name, so that we can recognise you as part of this elite squad. Alongside these things, we will have set goals  for each week.

The reason this site is being made is to ensure that the Nachos continue to grow and reach their highest potential possible. We’ve started March Madness with a bang and now it’s time for us to continue that winning streak. The main way of doing this is by recruiting and evolving both in strength and numbers.

I believe we have the best troops in this community and it’s time to put that to the test.

It’s time to soar, Nachos.

~Laoise/Irishspeaker, Nacho Army Leader.


|March Madness III Results||Nachos Vs Dark Warriors||

:!: March Madness III  :!:

Nachos vs Dark Warriors Battle Results:

Hey Nachos, today we logged onto Klondike, Forts for our first March Madness III battle, maxing an amazing 42 and averaging 35! We also got 46 people on chat as well as scoring a victory for the first battle in our March Madness tourney! Well done Nachos!

We are truly rising once again. At the start of this month, we were getting way below par, and no one was coming to battles or even on chat. The reason we were getting that low is because no one had a driving force, and no one was hyped up for training events or practice battles. No one had enough hope or was bothered to do anything about it, until they heard about March Madness, and they didn’t want their army to lose, so they had to put up a fight.

To put it simple, March Madness was what we needed. We may fall again, don’t know when, don’t know how, but every time we do, we’ll get back up eventually.


Video of the Battle:

Read on for pics!

Continue reading



We overcame the odds and destroyed the Dark Warriors, maxing 41. [35 in the room + lockouts]

Post with pictures and more information coming soon from our Field Marhsal, Green Dai!

And the Nacho Flag Winner is…

Flag 2!


Nacho Empire Flag


We’ve determined that this flag will be the flag that will be waved proudly above our empire. Don’t worry, Flag 1 fans. Flag 1 will be the flag that we wave on the battle field. (Flag 2-Homeland Flag, Flag 1-Battle Flag)


Nacho Battle Flag


Viva Los Nachos!

Fluffy 9404

Nacho Army 3ic

¡Aquí vamos!

Here we go!

Let’s do this Nachos!

Time to go toe-to-toe with Dark Warriors. We are the underdogs, but we can still win.

We are the NACHOS!



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