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Once again, this will be the last week before we move into something a bit more interesting. For most of the events we have this week, we will be primarily focusing on one thing: leading and executing tactics solely on Club Penguin. There have been multiple instances in the past where Xat glitches impaired our ability to perform well, and they are bound to appear again. And as we get closer and closer to the Legends Cup, we really do need to be prepared for anything. In order for these events to be the most effective, we’re going to need all the help we can get, so I hope to see everybody at most of our events this week.

>>Very important event<<

Practice battle vs SWAT [US/UK]

» Date: July 25, 2014 || Server: TBD  «


3:30 PM EST

2:30 PM CST

1:30 PM MST

12:30 PM PST

8:30 PM GMT

||GOAL: 35||

Active Count


Hola, Nachos!

This is an active count to make sure you’re still active, and we have many people on the ranks that mostly consists of the members, that we don’t know. Also, if you do not comment on this active count by the 25th, you will be removed off the ranks. Fourteen days is enough to comment. Anyways, please fill out this form below!

What is your Club Penguin username?

What is your current rank?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how active are you?

 (If you’re not that active) Why aren’t you being active lately?

Copy and paste this form in the comments and answer the questions completely!

Army Problems: ACP defeated by Maths

What’s up, Nachos? It’s your boy DJ Theo here and I’m here to look at one of the major army problems these days, which is that off counting. Now according to the Army of Club Penguin, they had 20 troops online Club Penguin during a recent Practice Battle with us!

According to ACP, this is them getting 20! They must have 4 troops sitting in the Aqua Grabber on standby cause they got things so well in hand.

According to ACP, this is them getting 20! They must have 4 troops sitting in the Aqua Grabber on standby cause they got things so well in hand.

The Nacho Army has defeated the Army of Club Penguin twice this week so congratulations to all of the troops who logged in to make this possible. Both times, ACP Exaggerated their numbers however because “every army exaggerates their numbers”, it’s fine for the ACP to do that.

Well at least that makes it alright then.

Well at least that makes it alright then.

Oh! So that’s how ACP manages to stay in the top 5 each week. Adding on a few more troops. Let’s just pretend and CPAC wont ever know the difference.

Mess with the best ACP, die like the rest.

Oh and another thing, I know your autotypers aren’t the best in the land but please don’t show your desperation with Chat recruiting. To all Nacho soldiers reading this, if any member of ACP asks you to join there army, print screen it and tell an owner!

Wow Skullz, those 5 medals look heavy! I know where you can shove them.

Wow Skullz, those 5 medals look heavy! I know where you can shove them.


Hello Nachos! Today at 8 PM EST we logged onto the server Breeze to kick some ACP ass in a practice battle. And we did. Great victory Nachos! We had quality sizes, maxing 20 and averaging 15 through the battle.

Even if we did win, the side conversations need to stop on chat, and y’all need to focus on the damn event. It’s frustrating when you’re leading and no one is paying attention. I also won’t pull a Cool and hush the chat for the whole event. You probably wont read this either, but whatever.

Regardless, solid dub for us.  ACP are ok. Here are some pictures, courtesy of the photographers over at Playboy Magazine (Water Guard, Darkman, Falcon, and Zing).

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Short Notice Practice Battle with ACP

Practice battle vs ACP [US/UK]

» Date: July 24, 2014 || Server: TBD  «


8:00 PM EST

7:00 PM CST

6:00 PM MST

5:00 PM PST

12:30 AM GMT

The Panty Raid.

Beeky: Great job today, Nachos (especially on the diamond). We’ll be back to breaking 40 very, very soon, so stay with us.


Today we pulled off a Nachos exclusive sombrero only panty raid! At the start we stormed the beach attracting young minds to our beautiful sombreros, and then we began with the panty raid. The day went swimmingly with a great size and perfect tactics maxing 35 and averaging 30 throught the event. We used new tactics and went to rooms we don’t normally go to anymore such as the beach, cove, box dimension, and of course an igloo, because it’s not a panty raid unless we invade an igloo. Great event today nachos 10/10 would raid again.

raid 9

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Nacho Hub: A “Cool” Leave From The Leadership

Hello Nachos!

Welcome to Nacho Hub. Nacho Hub is a new segment on the blog that Beeky has authorised me to do in which I give some news and things like that about the Nachos. This is our effort to make sure all of our troops are on the same page. This is the fourth edition of Nacho Hub. In this edition, we will discuss the news of Cool’s leave.

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My Time Has Come

Hola Nachos,

I bring news that some of you might already know through means of a.. slightly 0ffensive post by “Zing”, who clearly knows nothing about any of the reasoning behind what is taking place.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve decided to step down from Nacho leadership and overall, from service in the Nachos. I want to first say thank you to everyone who has made my time here interesting, funny, even annoying and absolutely frustrating, and at times I’ve wanted to hire gunmen to kill several people who have been rampaging around on chat. But that’s part of being a Nacho (right now anyways). Many of you haven’t been in the army for the period that I have so I have a lot to say about people who made the first part of my nacho career special.

I came back in December 2012 blah blah blah with the intention of getting leader, and I did. I helped while I was on the road to leader, and I like to think I’m a big part in why last summer we hit a massive power spike and hit sizes of something like 50, with my resurrection of the UK divison.

I’d like to point out that while I’m no longer key in the UK division, even in running it, I’d tell you that I created the grounding for what it has become today. If you look at some of my first posts, in those, you see the division only maxing around 4-5, but from that was grown something which has suddenly become a powerful division, as strong as any others which is something 2012 nachos would have only dreamed of.

I’ve not been the leader that I should have been which is mainly because I overstayed my welcome here. I was active here since 2012 and I haven’t taken a proper leave (unless you want to count me being fired temporarily in february, but i attended events anyway) since then. The fuel in the tank has run out, and I no longer have any inspiration to continue my work here.

In addition to my loss of the drive to help Nachos, I’ve got a lot going on in my life, including a great group of friends which I hang out with too much really to be at home enough to help out. Then there’s the fact that I’m heading into my A-level year at school which determines whether I get to go to university or not. It’s too pivotal of a time to spend time on the computer and on club penguin.

However, I needed the Nachos back when I started. I didn’t really have any friends (ha ha ha..) and I was struggling at school. But you guys picked me up. You helped me develop my social skills where they were lacking, and through people always being there for me to talk to, I had people who could support me. Without the Nachos, I’d not be half the person I am now, and I can tell you the person I would be there is not something I’d desire.

Again, I want to thank the Nachos first for being a great part of my life, and one I won’t forget even into my old age. I’m sure I’ll even tell my kids what I did as a teenager (and watch them laugh their heads off and ridicule me, but it’ll be worth it.)

I’d obviously thank others such as puckley, for helping kickstart my nacho career, giving me all the knowledge I needed to succeed, something to aspire. I thank every leader of the Nachos before me for giving me something to look up to (and retiring so I could actually get here lol) and especially, Beeky for always driving me to the best I could be, Other leaders who lead with beeky who always made me laugh, people like Danny and Mikester, 50 Cent who gave me people to rival against and strive to be better than. Leaders like Laoise who gave me my inspiration to continue for the last couple months of my leadership, and oddly enough providing that final spark that was needed to make me move my lazy ass out of here. Not only Nachos but other people, Flipmoo who I have known such a long time, and has been such a great guy to be friends with, people like Blue1 and Blue2 who made this community so together and centred, and if I could thank the entirety of the CPA Community, I would.

It seems weird that this is my last ever post, but oddly satisfying after everything I’ve achieved. Now is the end of my reign, Nachos. I ask that you don’t forget me, for good reasons, or for bad reasons. One day, like everyone else, I will be checking in on you. And you better remember the name – 6789cool.

For the last time,

6789cool – VIVA LOS NACHOS

Nachos Party In The White House!

Hey Nachos!

So we logged on expecting an Ice Warriors held party however Ice Warriors didn’t log in for some reason. The Nacho’s AUS division however decided to turn this into some what of a party on the server White House. We maxed 6 and averaged 5. This event was unscheduled.

We started at the Ice Berg and then we decided to go and play a game of Card Jitsu Fire in which Tootal came first so Good job Tootal! From there, we decided to go and continue the party in Rare 18′s, General Rek and Tootal’s igloos! We also went on the Boat to watch some performances!


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Nachos Adapt To New Formations.

Hola Nachos!

Today we logged onto Fjord (1 bar server) For a “Formations” event. The main purpose of this event was to focus on perfecting new lines and bombs on Club Penguin,  in order for us to improve during big events like the Legend’s Cup. We’re aiming to have the best tactical defenses in the community as well as the best executed formations – we’re definitely on the right tack. 

This event went extremely well as we managed to make a “D”, an “X” and a “Triangle.” We maxed a size of 28 Nachos, and averaged a size of 24 during this event.

Thank you to all who attended! :D Click “Continue Reading” for more Pictures.


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A Break

For two weeks, I will be taking a break from the Nachos.


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