Tuesday Events (US and AUS)

Tactics Training Tuesday

When: Tuesday, July 7th

Server: Fjord


8:00 PM EST (Eastern)

7:00 PM CST (Central)

6:00 PM MST (Mountain)

5:00 PM PST (Pacific)

1:00 AM UK (United Kingdom)

AUSIA Training Session

When: Wednesday, July 8th

Server: Blizzard


12:30 PM UK (United Kingdom)

5 PM IST (India)

8:30 PM JST (Japan)

7:30 AM EST (Eastern)

6:30 AM CST (Central)

 5:30 AM MST (Mountain)

4:30 AM PST (Pacific)

Our Official Chrome Theme! (SNN REPORT #1)

Hola Nachos!

I was playing around with Google Chrome apps, and I found a theme creator. I decided to put this app to good use and made us a theme! Now without further ado, here is the Nacho Army Google Chrome Theme!


Here is what the theme looks like!

Click “Continue Reading” for the steps on how to download!

newcreate (1)

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Welcome to the Nacho Army!

Join the Nacho Army and be part of the rise!

We defend Club Penguin and have lots of fun!

“We don’t march to the sound of drums…we hear maracas!”

Click HERE to join!


If you want to learn more, check out our advertisement below!


Below is our moderated chat room.

(You’ll receive battle orders from this chat, and when we’re not on Club Penguin, we love to hang out here!)

xat.com/nachoshq (click here for full size)



Viva Los Nachos!


VP.S. Zek is an fagit

This doesn’t have anything to do with the Nachos, but I’m a proud American.

USA wins Women’s World Cup 2015: 5-2





Important Monday Battle: Nachos vs. LT!

This is our war information! Visit xat.com/nachoshq for battle orders!

:!: Important: Nachos vs. LT Battle :!:


When: Monday, July 6th

Server: Ice Box


3:00 PM Eastern

2:00 PM Central

1:00 PM Mountain

12:00 PM Pacific

8:00 PM United Kingdom

Matterhorn Fiesta Results!

Hey, Nachos!

It’s ya boy Kev here bringing you a results post : ) !

We logged onto Matterhorn today and spent time at the Stadium, Ice Berg, and Night Club. I’m gonna be honest, this event kinda sucked! We had 40 people on chat with only 26 people online, we had a troop quit mid event because he began ordering a charge to the mall, and a lot of our owners were either afk or doing whatever the hell. I’m sorry that I’m keeping you reading this bullcrap, but here’s my message to the owners.

Owners: Attend the freaking events. 75% of our ownership doesn’t even show up. A lot of you stay AFK IF you do show up. If you’re not gonna help the army, you’re only hurting it. I’m no angel, but half the time it’s just like 3/12 owners for events. This has to change! Step up, or get demoted.

Anyway guys, here are the pics. We got a bit creative with tactics at one point.

No one else took pics. Well fml.

Please get it the freak together Nachos!


Sunday’s Matterhorn Fiesta!

**Matterhorn Fiesta**

When: Sunday, July 5th

Where: Matterhorn, Stadium


3:00 PM Eastern

2:00 PM Central

1:00 PM Mountain

12:00 PM Pacific

8:00 PM United Kingdom


Happy 4th of July Nachos!

Hey Nachos,

It’s 4th of July and to celebrate I have a throwback video for you all, made by a well-known Nacho named Person1233. I know that I am proud to be a Nacho. Have a great day everyone. Be safe and enjoy the fireworks! :)

Also, there will be a battle today at 3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST, 1:00 PM MST, 12:00 PM PST, and 8:00 PM GMT and prizes if we win. We hope you all can come!


-Dashing Snow/Brass Ass Dash, Nacho Leader



:!: Nachos vs. Ice Warriors Battle :!:

When: Saturday, July 4th

Where: Husky, Stadium


3:00 PM Eastern

2:00 PM Central

1:00 PM Mountain

12:00 PM Pacific

8:00 PM United Kingdom

**Club Penguin Membership Raffle will be after the event if we win!**

Private: Just a Quick Note

UPDATE: im back!!! Grandma stabalising


 >>>not retiring<<<<

So I know I was going to do an active count but I just got news that we have to go to my hometown for two weeks or more depending on the situation.

Sadly, my Grandmother is dangerously ill and could probably die around this time. This was a very quick note. Right now we are booking tickets to go tonight. I hope you can understand about this situation.

Viva Los Nachos,

Zekrom, Nacho AUS Leader

Get ready for war

The Nacho Army will be marching down one path soon to destroy a certain nation forever. The question is, what path will it be? War is coming Nachos. Prepare your weapons. The Nacho Empire is taking over.


~Dashing Snow/Brass Ass Dash, Nacho Leader~


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