With Smoldering Eyes (Operation Sieve)

:!: MONDAY :!:

Invasion of Breeze [UK]

Date: Monday, December 22nd

Server: Breeze


3:00PM EST

2:00PM CST

1:00PM MST

12:00PM PST

8:00PM UK

||GOAL: 18+||

Invasion of White House [US]

Date: Monday, December 22nd

Server: White House


7:00PM EST

6:00PM CST

5:00PM MST

4:00PM PST

12:00AM UK

||GOAL: 18+||

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Declaration of War on the Army of Club Penguin


People of the Empire! Hear my call!

It is your second-in-command, Chancellor Shiver li Nachonnia! I make a grand announcement to all our people and to the world onlooking! The time for vengeance has come! I beseech you, soldiers, to fight with all your hearts! This will be a war of annihilation and nothing less! We have struggled to rebuild after the Army of Club Penguin devastated us more than a year ago! Now we shall turn the tables! Hear me world! The rules of history are etched in stone; conquer or be conquered!

I hereby declare the beginning of a state of war between the government and people of the Holy Nachonnian Empire and the government of the Democratic Republic of the Army of Club Penguin! For an entire year, the community held it’s breath, waiting to see who would make the first move. As fortune will have it, we will make it.

The domination of the A.C.P. squeezed our People and Empire ruthlessly! The A.C.P.’s representatives closed their hearts to sympathy, to kindness! They took our land! Stripped us of everything! Stole our future! Stole our year! Made us bow to their power! No longer will we stand idly while these savages continue to thrive!

They have antagonized us for these seven years! We fought these people for our entire existence! It was not until we finally defeated them that the Nacho Empire was the world’s greatest power! The generation of today, it is the bearer of Nachonnia’s destiny; Nachonnia’s destruction or Nachonnia’s future! Oh, Ms. Purple Slime, you shall get to know my men of the Empire! The same ones you denied their future to!

They no longer have anyone to run to! No allies to call in! We have you in a corner! This time, we will do it the right way! Revise history the way it should be! You’re all ours; the Holy Nachonnian Empire shall reign supreme over the A.C.P. and inflict every double of bit of pain they wrought onto us! This entire year has been leading up to this final act of vengeance!

Ms. Purple Slime, the entire Empire stands against you! Our rebuilding since that Crimson Day has shown our dedication and unwavering commitment to progress! We shall fight, and we shall struggle, and in the end, the future shall be ours! All hail Nachonnia!

For better or worse, this will the beginning of the end.

Dear ACP

Two can play that game, Flip.

The First Acts Of War: Raid of Breeze

Nachos! I am your UK Leader Zing King To and I am pleased to announce, we are now at war with the ACP. To start this war off, we raided one of their training sessions on Breeze with sizes of 22. We clearly outnumbered them and at most times, covered them up completely.


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Merry Walrus Party 2014 Cheats!

Hey Nachos!

For this year’s Christmas Party, Club Penguin have decided to release the ‘Merry Walrus Party’. :yay:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.27.02 PM

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Sunday AUSIA Training Session Results

Written By: Max43810

Hey Nachos!

Today our amazing AUSIA force logged onto the 1-bar server FJORD for some training. We did really well – averaging 7-8 and maxing 9 troops at this event. The event was led by myself and Cheedu1, with some of the other member ranks doing tactics. We had great tactics and the event lasted just over 20 minutes.We trained in 3 rooms, the Town, Berg and Mine. Awesome job AUSIA! :P

Best pictures from the event:

Read on for the rest of the event pictures.

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Point of No Return

:!: TODAY :!:

Raid [US/UK]

Date: Sunday, December 21st

Server: TBD


2:00PM EST

1:00PM CST

12:00PM MST

11:00AM PST

7:00PM UK

||GOAL: 20+||


After only a week of preparation, we are finally ready to finish what we began. For this upcoming war, our biggest enemy won’t be the army we oppose, but rather ourselves. Keeping a consistently excellent performance will decide where we stand when the final bell rings, and I think we’ve proven over this past week that we are capable of maintaining such consistency. We just need to keep it going.


Only the Beginning

Hola Nachos!

With a chance at moving onto the finals of the Christmas Chaos tournament, we faced off with the Light Troops today in a tough semi-final match. Unfortunately, only one army could advance, and we came up just shy of the victory today. Despite the tough loss, I’d still like to congratulate everyone on an amazing effort in today’s battle! I know we all would have preferred to have walked away with the win, but you cannot overlook what you have achieved today. It has certainly been long overdue, but you managed an outstanding performance today, averaging sizes up to 40+ throughout the battle! Through all the months of struggle, that is an amazing feat! Be proud that and feel no disappointment today! We’re only beginning, and we just about dethroned the top army in a single attempt!

Let today just be the beginning of what the Nachos can and will be! You are growing and getting stronger by the day, but it’s up to YOU to continue that effort and intensity!

Once again, great job today, Nachos! And let the rise begin!



I got some great pictures today! Personally, I think they show who the true winners are!





Keep reading for more pictures!

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Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals!

Hey Guys. Zing King To here! Okay, so we recently logged onto Club Penguin to fight Light Troops in the semi-finals of the Christmas Chaos.

Although the judges stated that we lost, we were however able to max 42 which is amazing for us and I hope we can start doing this every weekday.

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[AUSIA] Practice Battle with Takis Army

Hey guys! Zing King To, UK Leader here. We recently logged on in our AUSIA division to face the Takis Army in a Practice Battle. Unfortunately, the Takis decided to no show our event and we managed to max 11. This was excellent for AUSIA. Let’s aim for getting AUSsome events in AUSIA now!

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