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    Welcome to the Nachos! We are one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time. As the best in the land, we fight with a strong passion to win and a mission to have fun. We're always in constant combat defending our glorious Empire against all foes that seek to undermine our might, so what are you waiting for? Stand with us and join us in our quest to become the strongest and best army in Club Penguin. If you think you're Nacho material, join by clicking HERE!
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Our Waking Hour

Wednesday: No scheduled events.

Hi all,

The worst is beginning to fade; we’ve proven to ourselves that we can reach double digit sizes again, so now all we need to do is find a way to keep steadily improving. We had a great victory to start off our tournament run on Saturday, which is great, but in order for us to really go deep, we’ll all need to step it up. Preparation is key, and if we want to be absolutely ready for battle next weekend, you should try to attend all of the events you can this week, where we’ll primarily be focusing on lowering our tactical response time. Promotion day is also not very far away,  and some of you still need that extra boost in order to get to the next rank, so these next few days will give you a perfect opportunity to seal the deal.


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:!: Champions Cup Round 2 vs. Striking Raiders (UK/US) :!:

Date: Saturday, October 4th

Server: Klondike|| Room: TBD


3:30 PM EST

2:30 PM CST

1:30 PM MST

12:30 PM PST

8:30 PM UK

||Goal: 20+||

Rewards (If goal is reached):

  • Temporary owner rank
  • Temporary moderator rank
  • Xats/Days/Powers
  • Club Penguin Memberships
  • Item Adder
  • Rare penguin complete with full original Nacho uniform!
  • Promotions


The Nacho Space Program

The Nacho Space Program

Let us take a walk down Memory Lane

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Melting Ice Warriors with our warm Wool Socks[US PB results 9/30/14]

Hello everyone,

Once again we faced Ice warriors today for a practice battle. This time LT wasn’t invite to the party. We both had an even size of 7 in the Plaza of Wool Socks, but we had much better tactics. After 10 minutes of the event IW surrendered. Great job guys!



3 way PB results[9/30/14]


Today’s PB was a little different. We had Ice Warriors and Light Troops join us. In Snow Forts on Fjord our max ended up being 6, Ice Warriors 10, and Light Troops had 14. We had a pretty good execution of tactics even blocked a good LT tactic. Not really much more to say about this event so we’ll go on to the pics


[UK] Practice Battle vs. ACP Results

Hey Nachos!

uk nachos

Today our European Expeditionary Force logged onto the 1-bar  server Fjord, where we met the Army of CP in battle. It was a great and fun event, in which we maxed a size of 9 and averaged 7 penguins throughout. Tactics, as usual, were very good and the whole event flowed nicely. Well done and thank you to everyone who participated. Continue reading for the event pictures. 

Special thanks to Wilson for leading and taking pictures.

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The UEFA Match[WV PB results 9/28/14]

My Fellow Nachos,

We had a victorious PB against the Water Vikings. We logged on to Fjord, Town and started the battle on the Ice Berg where we maxed 11 and WV maxed 9. After the event we played Soccer/Football with WV which was hard since the ball doesn’t always go where you kick it. Also, Puck came to the PB. On to the pics!!

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The Bulletin Board

Hey Nachos!

Just a quick update on news and upcoming events for this week!

  • We have been placed 10th in the CPAC Top Ten! This is a great achievement and we wish to climb higher next week, which can be done by working hard in events this week.
  • The September Promotions will be released at the beginning of this week – there are several events before then so make sure to attend for a chance to get promoted!
  • After winning Round 1 of the Champions Cup III, we face another army next Saturday, where sizes of 20+ are expected and possible rewards if we do well!


Unscheduled US Training Session

Hey Nachos!

As we had 20+ troops on our chat, we decided we would log on for some US training. It took place on the 1-bar server Fjord and we did very well – maxing 11 troops and averaging 9-10. Our tactics were near perfect each time and we had a great flow throughout the event. Well done everyone and thank you all for coming! Read on for the rest of the pictures!

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Practice Battle vs. Water Vikings

:!: Practice Battle vs. Water Vikings  :!:

Date: Sunday, September 28th

Server: Fjord || Room: Town


2:30 PM EST

1:30 PM CST

12:30 PM MST

11:30 AM PST

7:30 PM UK

||Goal: 15+||

Can you make this event? Comment below saying if you can or cannot for an increased chance of promotions – which will be released Tuesday!


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