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Server: Ice Berg Room: Snow Forts


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Nacho Spirit Week 2

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Hola Nachos!

We had a pretty slow last week and a pretty boring one, so I decide to spice things up! In 2014 we had a thing called spirit week where it was a week where we had something devoted for the day involving a theme of some sort. It should be a lot of fun for new recruits and members!

Fiesta Friday

On Friday, show up with you best Nacho gear to show off your Nacho pride! We’ll have another recruiting session, so that we can keep up our size. After that, we’ll have a game night on chat where we’ll play all sorts of games and give away prizes in Medals!

Fiesta Friday!

Date: Friday, February 12

Server: Fjord


:arrow: 8:00 pm EST

:arrow: 7:00 pm CST

:arrow: 6:00 pm MST

:arrow: 5:00 pm PST

:arrow: 1:00 am GMT (Not Expected)

*More to be updated *

Slushy Sled Racing Olympics 2016[SIGN UPS]

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Recruiting Party on Ice Berg

Hola Nachos!

Today our US Division logged on as well to participate in Spirit Week Day 4, having a recruiting party on Ice Berg. We spent about half the time in the Snow Forts, and the other half in the Plaza to avoid dealing with bots. We maxed 11 and averaged 10. Tomorrow is the last day of Spirit Week, Fiesta Friday!

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Recruiting Dance Party

Hola Nachos,

Today was the 4th day of Spirit Week, and the UK Division logged on to Ice Berg to join Herbert’s dance party at the Snow Forts. We also did some recruiting there, and started another Conga Line. We maxed 10, I got one picture.

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

Legend Day Conga Line

Hola Nachos!

Today our UK Division logged onto Blizzard for the 3rd day of Spirit Week, Legendary Wednesday! To honour all of the Nacho Legends, we started a Conga Line in the Plaza. We maxed near 10, though a lot more CP players joined in, and two recruits even found our site. Message to Owners/Mods: BE MORE ACTIVE!!!

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Lemon Recruiting Session

Hola Nachos!

It is Day 2 of our spirit week, which is Lemon Day! The UK Division logged on to Ice Berg for a Lemon recruiting session and to honour the greatest lover of lemons, Puckley. We maxed around 14 on the Ice Berg, and in the Town we had a decent size and got some rogues to join. Viva Los Limones!

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Spirit Day 1 Results (Purple Party)

Hola Nachos!

Today we started off our spirit week with a Purple Parade on Ice Berg. It was a really fun event where we got lots rogues to join us and even new recruits! We got off to a great start in the town, with most of the players turning purple at one point. Then we moved to the Snow Forts and finished in the Ice Rink. We maxed about 25. More pics will be added.

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Hi people

Hello PPLS. My name is 95 Dragons(spider) and I’m another 3rd in Command in the Nachos.I joined the Nachos back in July,2014. I wasn’t planning to join any army until one day when I was heading to the Puffle Hotel I saw this Group of Penguins chanting random phrases and one of them said ” Join the Nacho Army”. I was planning to join the Light troops at first but,1 hour later I got banned. So I looked for another army to join and that was the Nachos. From That day on  I began my career in the Grand Nacho Empire. After I filled out the LONG form I gave the Chat a try.My first Event was the Legends Cup, that was a really fun battle.For Some reason whenever it came to tournaments most think Nachos WEAK, but in the end we pulled it off. Seems like the odds were always in our flavor.Joining this army when a tournament was about to begin got me my first promo. After that battle I decided to STAY in the Nachos .So I hope to help the Nachos in anyway possible to get into the Top 3 spots.Hopefully get to 25-30 at EVERY event,get 2 more recuits into this army every day.

~95 $p1der 3ic ~



I am Here

  Hello Nachos, I am your new 3rd in command here in the Nacho Army, Warr (Warriorr99). I joined Nachos in the Summer of 2010 after actually seeing Night Warriors fighting another army. I began to look up the NW in hopes of joining them, and I got to their chat and signed up. However about 3 days later I saw a Nacho Soldier and I went into a Private chat with him to sign up. That day I began my career in the Grand Nacho Empire. I served with the Nachos from 2010 until 2013 when I vanished until I came back recently over Winter Break. I randomly decided to look the Nachos up again, and decided to rejoin. Of course though I experimented in leading the CPC and ST getting both to CPAC (Which isn’t a HUGE accomplishment in these times.) However it is a milestone to reach I guess. When I was offered a chance of being owner in my most fun army from my history of course I had to accept it. Especially joining right in time for the big war against the Rebel Penguin Federation! The odds were seen to be against us, but I know the Nachos always persevere to achieve victory. So I hope to help the Nachos in anyway to keep our amazing drive going, and to get our sizes rising again. Hopefully we can reach 20 at every event, and keep the Club Penguin Army Community surprised by us everyday! 

~Viva Los Nachos!~





Enjoying tobogganing with AR and IAE

Hey Nachos! Today, we had our scheduled Friendly battle with our soulmates, the Army Republic. It was really fun, as we got raided by the Imperial Argonauts Empire! We had a max as well as an average size of 11 loyal Nachos, while the AR also had 11 and IAE 3. We Prepared at the Ice Berg and entered the Town to face the AR and the IAE with full force, deploying our air balloons and Cat Tanks. We managed to trespass on IAE‘s land, while fought neck to neck with the AR. We then moved our soldiers to the Ice Rink, were all 3 forces were met once again, as IAE got some reinforcements quickly. At the Ice rink, we had lack of commanders, as our leaders Dan and Kevin had to go, and Stone was kinda busy. We though pulled it off and finished the event wonderfully, making some cool formations and executing amazing tactics. Overall, it was a great event, and we shall schedule more like this. God job today Nachos! Keep it up!

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