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In Waking


[UK Event] 


Date: May 28th, 2015

Focus: Quick response and mobility

Server: Fjord 


 2:30 PM EST

 1:30 PM CST

 12:30 PM MST

 11:30 AM PST

 7:30 PM UK

|| GOAL: 25+ Nachos ||

[US Event] March Across Flurry

Focus: Recruiting

Date: May 28th, 2015

Server: TBD


7:00 PM EST

 6:00 PM CST

 5:00 PM MST

 4:00 PM PST

 12:00 AM UK

|| GOAL: 25+ Nachos ||

[AUSIA Event] Training Session

Focus: Mobility

Date: May 26th, 2015

Server: Fjord


 6:30PM IST,  2:00 PM UK,  3:00 PM EET

|| GOAL: 8+|| 

Hi all,

We are in the process of waking. Though this past week was definitely far from optimal, with many of us suffering from a number of connectivity issues, you all have already shown a tremendous amount of progress as summer vacation begins to open its doors. We’ve made significant leaps through our collective efforts so far, but it is of utmost important that we strive to keep this momentum going. Everybody needs to continue recruiting, attending events, and contributing to a fun and positive atmosphere on our chat; we can certainly reach the top once again, but only if we are all working towards it together as a team.

Please try to attend as many events as you can this week.




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Fjord Remains in Nacho Hands!

Please Note – Fjord was called an Invasion by DCP, but was invalid due to not giving us 24 hour notice. Viva Los Nachos!

Without a single clue the Doritos would invade the Nacho Empire 1 hour before the battle, the Nachos peacefully talk about duh booty on chat. Then, a Nacho Soldier hears the news that the Doritos of Club Penguin were invading our capital, Fjord. Unscheduled, the Nachos put up 30 on club penguin with an average of 24. Another Nacho Victory!

Nachos with 30 on CP

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Spring Smackdown 2015 Round III/Semi-Finals Times

>>>>> THIS SUNDAY <<<<<


Sunday, May 31st

>>>Nacho Army vs Rebel Penguin Federation<<<

:arrow: Server: Klondike

:arrow: Time:

:arrow: 8:00 PM UK

:arrow: 3:00 PM EST

:arrow: 2:00 PM CST

:arrow: 1:00 PM MST

:arrow: 12:00 PM PST

:arrow: GOAL: 30+ FOR PRIZES!


[Make sure to vote on the poll above so we know if you’re coming or not! :D]


Welcome to the semi-finals of the Spring Smackdown Tournament, Nachos. This battle will determine if we’ll be able to even get to the finals vs either the Light Troops or the Ice Warriors, and if we don’t win this important battle, the chance of our rise and glorious road to victory will be gone forever(a good while), and either RPF, LT or IW(depends who wins) will have all the glory and undeserved victory :o.

So bring your family and friends along with you to this epic battle, and strap yourselves in because we’re gonna be going on a hell of a ride to victory! We can not possibly lose to RPF, they may be strong but they’ll never be as strong as us if we try!

-Green Dai, Nacho 2ic

Streaking during ACP Event! [UK]

As the Army of Club Penguin had a battle with the Shadow Troops, the Nacho Empire decides to raid… Naked. Maxing 8, averaging 6, we rat out two ACP multilogs, and heart bomb the new leader of ACP, Bam.

Protected: Operation Blizzard

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Nachos going 2007 style!

Hey, Nachos!

Today, we had a few different elements of training! We basically achieved our goal of 25 with a max of 24 and a solid average of 19. We had some fun in the forts, pool, boiler room, and the night club. All rooms armies don’t use now a days (exception of the forts). Overall, great event Nachos, we’re improving. Keep it up!

<><> Pictures <><>

Puckley… Makin’ sure no one drowns

Good stuff Nachos. My fellow peers in the leadership and I have nothing but good things to say!

Stay updated on events!



Nachos vs. Dragons [UK]

Welcome New Nachos!

As the Nacho Army logged onto our birth server, Blizzard, there was a bad feeling in the crisp air. Then, there it was, standing before us. The Dragons of Club Penguin attacked, and tried to destroy the very name of the Nacho Army. We fought back, with average sizes of 18, and a max size of 21. The Battle lasted 1 hour long, and the victor was clear. Ending the battle with 15 on CP, the Nachos of Club Penguin had beaten the Dragons! Here are some pictures of the epic battle!

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Speed and Movement [US]

Hola, Nachos! As Club Penguin continues to have server issues, we carry on stronger and stronger each and every event! Averaging 19 and maxing 22, we kicked some serious booty tonight! As Beeky was leading tactics twice as fast as we normally do them, we all kept up very well! Here are some pictures for you guys to enjoy! Viva Los Nachos!

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Nachos vs. IW [UK] Results

Earlier today, kicking off the week the Nacho Army UK division had what was called a practice battle with the Ice Warriors! Have about 3 minutes of battle, we decided to mess with them and run around the server! It was a very fun event, and we maxed 8 on Club Penguin! This is the beginning of our UK division rise:D

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Club Penguin Fair Party 2015

It’s that time on Club Penguin again. Time to play games, win tickets and collect your prizes. The Fair is back on Club Penguin once again and they’ve delivered some old game favorites and some new games as well.


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Promotions May 2015!

For great work and a victory Sunday against the Doritos of Club Penguin, we are giving out Promotions! If you don’t get a promotion, leave a comment down below and tell us why you feel like you deserve one!

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