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:!: TODAY :!:

This is most likely the most important battle of the year!

There is an opportunity to win prizes for attending [Click >HERE< for more details!]

Legends Cup V FinalsSaturday, August 23rd
Nachos vs. Ice Warriors
Server: Klondike || Room: Forts
12:00 PM PST
1:00 PM MST
2:00 PM CST
3:00 PM EST
8:00 PM UK

Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the battle begins!


Click HERE for more information about what will be the most important battle of the year!


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Click >>HERE<< to view the prizes for attending!

Hola Nachos,

This is our tournament to win. This Legends Cup is ours to take home. Everyone knows it. This is our chance. It’s our chance to put ourselves in the history books once again. We overcame all the odds that were stacked against us when everyone doubted us. Nobody thought we would get this far. We were the underdogs in this tournament yet we were able to upset both the Dark Warriors and the Light Troops. Now, the Ice Warriors, our former brother allies, stand between us and the title of Legends Cup V Champions. The Ice Warriors are known for being a “tournament” army, and defeating them will be no easy task. We know what we are up against, they have no clue. The Dark Warriors and Light Troops underestimated us and they experienced firsthand how great and devastating our tactics can really be. Now, it’s time to show the Ice Warriors.

This is the Year of Redemption. We’ve defied all odds. We’ve stared death in the face, twice. We’ve gone through hell and back, and it has made us stronger.

 This is our opportunity to once again, prove everybody wrong and cause another upset.

 I ask that all Nachos, current and former, show up to this Saturday’s battle.

This Saturday will be a rematch of the Legends Cup I. On August 17, 2010, the Nachos of Club Penguin defeated the Ice Warriors and took the title of Legends Cup Champions home.  Now, let’s show up strong on Saturday and keep it that way. This is the rematch of a lifetime. If we win, we WILL cement ourselves in the Club Penguin Army Community history books. This battle will be an intense, heart-pounding, and close battle and you do not want to miss it.

Legends Cup V FinalsSaturday, August 23rd

Nachos vs. Ice Warriors

Server: Klondike || Room: Forts


12:00 PM PST

1:00 PM MST

2:00 PM CST

3:00 PM EST

8:00 PM UK


Like the semi-finals, prizes will be given out as a victory reward for all those come [Club Penguin Memberships, Powers, Xats, Days, and chat promotions.]

Let’s Bring Home the Gold.

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Nothing Between


Want a chance to win prizes for attending the Legends Cup Semi-Finals? Read HERE


:!: Defense of Antarctic [USA] :!:

Date: Friday, August 22nd

Server: Antarctic || Room: Town


7:00pm EST

6:00pm CST

5:00pm MST

4:00pm PST

12:00am GMT

|| Goal: 30+ ||

Hi all,

As summer vacation begins to come to a close for many of us, it’s about time to start splitting up into our three (or at the moment, two) divisions once again. We’ve had a very good summer so far, and before it ends completely, we still have a few important things left to accomplish:

1. Win the Legends Cup

2. Win the war with DCP

I’m confident that we can do both of these things, but we must continue to work hard to improve our sizes and maintain our tactical perfection throughout the next five days. We’ll be playing the defensive for much of this week, and although DCP is falling dramatically, it’s important to remember that it didn’t take us long to really start getting good sizes consistently again; they can begin to rise again at any given time, so don’t count them out until they start waving the white flag. Please try to attend all of the battles you can this week.


Down Under the Weather

Today we logged on to Defend Down Under(stupid name for a server) from DCP. We maxed 15 and average about 9. Let this be a testament Nachos to look at the site for battle times and make sure to attend them. Please Nachos, we need to log on and stop our feuding during events. Today we may have lost the battle, but there is still a long war ahead of us that we can win, we just have to try.

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Legends Cup Prizes

Legend’s Cup V Final Prizes:

Hola Nachos!

2014 is our year of redemption. We’ve had our ups and we’ve most  definitely had our downs the past few months, but this Saturday gives us a chance to finally show everyone what we’re capable of. It gives us the opportunity to  prove not only the ones who doubt us, but to ourselves that we can win.

Due to the fact that this is our biggest battle of the year, we want to reward those who attend and help us succeed in this journey.

Below is a list of prizes that are up for grabs this weekend in our must win  Legend’s Cup final v Ice Warriors. 

  • 2500 xats
  •  150 days
  • Club Penguin Memberships
  • Temporary mod
  • Temporary owner
  • Xat powers
  • A beta penguin

∞∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞∞

Legends Cup V Finals — Saturday, August 23rd

Nachos vs. Ice Warriors

Server: Klondike || Room: Forts


12:00 PM PST

1:00 PM MST

2:00 PM CST

3:00 PM EST

8:00 PM UK

Thank you to everyone who is planning on attending! Good luck to you all in the competition.

~Laoise/Irishspeaker, Nacho Army Leader.


Drifting Out Of Snow Drift [VICTORY]

The pictures aren’t in chronological order.

Today we defended Snow Drift from the footling colonists known as the Doritos. I know you (DCP) lack the creativity to actually dish out fitting tactics, but that doesn’t mean you can criticize our tactics when all you do is sit in a line for a full 30 minutes. Overall todays performance was, at best, astounding. Good job to everybody that attended todays event.

Click “Read More” for pictures.

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Nacho Bowl [Weekly Review]

Hola Nachos!

Welcome to our Weekly Review and updates on things that have been going on in the army  :D

The Nachos have had quite a busy week this week –  we’ve had amazing results in the Legend’s Cup,  our war with DCP is still developing,  many new soldiers have been put forward for Troop of the Week and we’ve also gotten a couple of new additions to the Ownership! Alongside all of this, results for our latest competition can be found below, followed by details of  a new competition which is  taking place this Saturday during our must win final v Ice Warriors.

The Nachos are also looking for a new AUS leader. To apply for this job, simply message a leader on our chat with your experience.

 To find out more about these events and many other important updates, stay tuned & continue reading!

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Srsly DCP? That’s pathetic.

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How To Unscheduled?

Well, today, I tried to log everyone on for a an early morning (big factor in the small sizes) unscheduled (well, it was afternoon for me, but it’s early morning for most people). And it didn’t go too well. We raided Doritos, and erm, stole their pizza.

2 We should have had so many more on CP. But thank you to those who did log on!

I think the biggest problem was that people didn’t seem to know what an unscheduled event actually was that people don’t really seem to know what an unscheduled event/raid is. Well, I can tell you, an unscheduled event, is exactly what the name says, it is an event that has not been organised on nachoarmy.net at all, it has been organised spontaneously on Xat. Unscheduled events should be treated like any other event. If an army can do really well at unscheduled events, they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Now, why are they important?

  1. Allow us to practice logging in quickly to Club Penguin, and responding to threats posed by other armies.
  2. Allow for us to hurt the morale of our opponents.
  3. Allow us to practice more unorthodox tactics, allowing for more fun on the battlefield.
  4. As fun as Xat is, we are a Club Penguin army, and should try to maintain out presence on Club Penguin!
    • This also allows us to recruit more troops!

And it is for these reasons that the Nachos will begin to have more unscheduled events on Club Penguin, in order to cement our place as the greatest army ever.

Thank you!

-Chrisi Blule




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