Welcome To the Nacho Army

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Hey Nacho,

Found us on Club Penguin?

You’re in the right place 

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:!: Friday, September 4th, 2015 :!:

:!: Defense of Flurry :!:

Server: TBA / Room: TBA

:arrow: Times:

:arrow: 3:30 PM EST

:arrow: 2:30 PM CST

:arrow: 1:30 PM MST

:arrow:12:30 PM PST

:!: Friday, September 4th, 2015 :!:

:!: Defense of Mountain :!:

Server: TBA / Room: Town

:arrow: Times:

:arrow: 8:00 PM EST

:arrow: 7:00 PM CST

:arrow: 6:00 PM MST

:arrow: 5:00 PM PST

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– BREAKING NEWS – An Open Challenge To Every Army, Every News Agency, And The World Assembly Itself

~ Hola CP Army Community, AkaBob22 here, with the most important CP Army News of 2015 ~

This is going to be a long post, but the content within holds massive changes to every facet of army life.

I recommend you take a seat, turn on some music, and be ready for the coming storm that will swallow everything you know about armies whole.

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Ranks Update||Active Count


Hola Nachos, 

Recently,  we made an update to our ranks page. We made 3 categories,  the navy, air force and army. Each category represents each division.  In order to succeed that, we need to know everyone’s Time zone/Division. In result,  I’ll do a form so you can comment and tell us your time zone. That also gave me an idea.  It will be an active count also! :mrgreen:

So, Copy this form and paste it in the comments as well as filling it in before pressing “post comment”

  1. What is your Club Penguin Username?
  2. What is your time zone? (EST, PST, CST, MST, GMT, IST, AEST, CET, JST e.t.c)
  3. In scale of 1-10, how active are you? (commenting,  coming on chat, attending events)

That’s it. You have 20 days to answer. if not, you will be REMOVED from the ranks.(deadline 6th September)

Defence of Fjord Results [VICTORY]


Nacho Victories: 1

Dark Bandit Victories: 1

Ties: 0

Hola Nachos,

Today, we logged on our Capital,  Fjord, to defend it from the evil Dark Bandits.  We successfully defended it, maxing and averaging 5. It isn’t a size we want, but it’s better than nothing,  as we keep the server!


Being the bigger men


Nacho Victories: 1

Dark Bandit Victories: 2

Ties: 0

Hey Nachos, 

First post in awhile I know. We’ve taken a bit of a fall. Events haven’t been posted and stuff, I haven’t really been able to attend a lot of them due to football. Today we battled DB on White House. After a bit of arguing with the Dark Bandits leaders, I realized we have to be the class act. We lost guys. It happens. Although I don’t really think they outnumbered us the whole battle like they said, we should’ve kicked their ass as it is.

This war is going to be long and stupid because of the same crap that goes on everyday in armies. Every army thinks they win every battle and that they’re the best. Well, that’s not always the case. As much as I think I should be making a victory post, I’m not.  The Nachos may not be the biggest army, but I will make sure when it comes to battles, we’re one of the classiest. 

Remember, be the class act. That’s how you earn peoples respect. Good battle DB.

And DB is telling me they were bigger the entire battle *wary*

Now they outnumber us by 2. 

Good fight. We’ll get it next time boys.


****Nacho leader****

Private: Going away for a few days.

My Grandma died so i am going away for thursday, friday, saturday. Ill be back on sunday.

Viva Los Nachos,

Zekrom rules, Nacho AUS Leader


Invasion of Cabin

When: Friday,  September 4th

Server: Cabin || Room: Ice Berg


12:30PM GMT (United Kingdom)

5:30PM IST (India)

8:00PM JST (Japan)

9:00PM AEST (Australia)

7:30AM EST (Eastern)

6:30AM CST (Central)

5:30AM MST (Mountain)

4:30AM PST (Pacific)


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Nacho AUSIA unscheduled

Hola, Nachos,

Today we logged on for an unscheduled event. We maxed 7 and averaged 6.  It was great to see some new faces to me as well as some old ones as well as seeing one of our leaders attend the unsched as well.

Viva Los Nachos,

Zekrom rules, Nacho AUS Leader

The Nacho Bowl [Weekly Review]

The Nacho Bowl s4

Hola Nachos!!

Welcome to our Nacho Bowl” – this is a post that will be published every Sunday on our site, in order to update the troops on events and exciting things that have taken place in this great army! I Zek have taken this opportunity and bring it back!

It has come again.  The school blues that take the life of every army like crushing a coke can. However, as we are just on the edge of entering back to CPAC, things maybe looking alright for Us!!

*A new section called Ask the Leader will be introduced – simply leave a question in the comment section below and a leader will answer them in next week’s Nacho Bowl.

Nacho Troop of the week

The Troop of the Week is awarded to  the troop who has been the most active, friendly, helpful and overall a jolly person! 

Due to the fact that there are so many amazing troops in the army, it can be quite difficult to only choose one for this prize. A new troop will be chosen each week so don’t be upset if you haven’t gotten it this week as you’re always in with a chance next time!

So after Much consideration, the Troop of the Week is…………..

Sava346 [ 1st Leuitenent]

Congrats Rare. You’ve proven yourself to be a true Nacho this week by showing courage, determination and strength throughout any events that have taken place. You’re friendly to absolutely everyone and always try your best at events. Thank you for being a golden troop! It’s people like you who make this army strong.


We are leaning over the edge of SMAP as we enter this weeks Top 10. We may have been defaced but the question is still around, are we going to Jump into CPAC again or stay in SMAP for another week?

To check the CPAC Top 10, please click HERE.

To check the SMAP Top 10, please click HERE.

Games and quizzes Nacho Bowl

Welcome to the Competition section. This is the section where you will have a chance to win a gift every week . Last week we had some great entries so lets see the results!


The lucky winner who was placed in the sorting hat was……..


Congrats Edward!! you can collect your prize from Zekrom within this week. Zekrom will be around 5:00am PST- 7:00am PST.


Now for this weeks Pokemon…


You Have Up Until next week to guess who’s the winner. All the right contestants will then be placed into a sorting hat!

the voice of the people

The Question is sent by Sava346. “Why does RPF have to control the TWA?”

Good Question. Let us first look at what the TWA [The World Assembly] is. “The World Assembly is a twice a month meeting that is hosted by Club Penguin Army Leaders in correspondence with The Mammoth Conventions from the Rules as a way to decide community activities and actively respond to current and pressing situations that effect all armies one way or another.”

In lame terms, they are basically the Club Penguins United Nation. The TWA is established to make note of “all the pressing situations” in CP armies and resolve them with the leaders of all the army. Like The UN, the majority of the armies are in the TWA but a minority are not [such as Nachos and the Nachos ss]. But why does RPF have a say on who comes and who goes?

On the same page that it says about the TWA, it has a section where it shows the Major Forum and Minor Forum Minister. If you look closely, you can point out there is actually NO sign of ANY Minister of sorts. Obviously, that would either mean one person who is in CPAC or any other news site is controlling it OR an army…



Uh Oh!!

I investigated even further, checking a few pages when i came across the front page, which was kind of, lets say biased to one army. I came across the featured army post where i thought it would show one army but no, only RPF. Also, i would like to point out that nearly EVERY post I saw was about RPF.

AKA Bob, one of the best leaders at his time, made a post about the similar cause. He also stated that the TWA was a bit biased towards RPF.

So what does that mean? The TWA, which is meant to be a democracy for all the armies is actually a fraud, which is controlled by RPF to supposedly get more recruits. If one army leaves, RPF will directly declare war on them and try to wipe them off, and only they, and people who care about the TWA, will see them winning a majority of the battles if, lets say, the other army won. The TWA isn’t really the TWA it is meant to be, meaning that really, nobody should actually care about it because, well, it is a way to get RPF’s ego alive.

So sava, to answer our question “why does RPF need to control the TWA”, there is no one else willing to lead as well the creator being an RPF veteran/soldier. There was no election for the TWA at the start like there should have been, and who knows, in six months, nobody would even know the TWA existed.


Nacho Bowl 3

  • Next issue will have a column called “Ask The Leaders”. If you would like to ask the leader a question, please feel free to comment down below!!
  •  If anyone has a voice to share, please feel free to contact Zekrom to put your ideas into “Voice of the People”.
  •   The Nacho Comic Strip will be starting around next week so get excited!

Thanks for a great week Nachos!!

Viva Los Nachos,

Zekrom rules, Nacho AUS Leader



ur lord and saveyur

Hola, I’m Chrisi Blule, you might remember me. Daniel has admined me and the situation is now ok. Well, except for the fact that I’m currently at work then I’m going out and really don’t have time to readmin/editor/author people until I get back. Until that time you’ll just have to hang in there unless you manage to contact Person.

I’d like to conclude with this; Agent, if someone Kiks you claiming to be Puckley, and then you add a WordPress account that clearly isn’t Puckley’s WordPress then you can only be described as being an idiot. Ffs.

Also, if you do need to post before I sort it, Step is an editor.

Thank you,

Chrisi Blule

Proved My Point

Just to clarify, I am the Daniel that was formerly an UMA leader.

Even though I haven’t been around for some time, I am still updated. Going by what I was told, this community has become a mockery of its past self. People might argue that the community has “evolved” or “grown” somehow, but that is utter crap. The community has degenerated. It has become a media-fueled farce. The act of intellectual discovery that fun once represented has now been replaced by one of greed, self-aggrandization and misplaced post-adolescent angst… If I were to judge the health of the community by the turnout of this conference, my prognosis would be “terminally ill”.

Apparently your leaders are _still_ susceptible to the most common attack vector of Social Engineering. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to your website, I’m not that kind of person. Tell Chrisi to contact me personally and I’ll hand the site over to him once he gets in contact.

Have a nice day, peons.



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